The way the economy has been performing the last decade, sadly Business Analysts have been mischaracterized quite often as “Operational Efficiency Experts” or Process Experts. For manystart-ups as well as established businesses, they don’t see the need for a Business Analyst unless they go into “reactionary” mode, and they are looking for improvement. Many people don’t see the need for Business Analyst when they are in a “proactive” mode.

Business analysis is one area that is gaining momentum in the professional scenario and I think this road map will surely help Business Analyst professionals to gain a momentum as well as improve the knowledge levels on their career path. Surely its one of the fastest growing careers today.

If you are thinking of launching a career as a business analyst or want to take your BA career to a new level, be sure to check out this new resource from IIBA.

TheIIBABusiness Analyst Career Road Mapoutlines the business analysis opportunities available to you. The Career Road Map is designed to identify the many roles within business analysis, and show your options based on your experience today. It includes the emerging roles in business architecture and business intelligence which are in high demand.You can also view the intermediate and senior roles available for a Business Analyst.

The role names are not job titles a role name represents the various tasks, techniques and knowledge needed by an individual to be successful in the business analysis profession. The roles could be combined into one position: a business requirements analyst could also have deep expertise in process and therefore the business requirements analyst and process analyst roles can be considered as a career path.Most of the companies will be having the roles combined. So from a business analysis professional, he might land up doing multiple roles while having the title of a business analyst or a business process analyst.

IIBA Career Road Map

IIBA Career Roadmap

IIBA Intermediate and Senior Roles

IIBA Intermediate and Senior Roles