So Google Reader will shut their stores on July 1. By now many of you have switched your RSS readers or may likely turn to new ones soon.Don’tstop reading because already there are new age RSS readers for you in store. Here I am comparing some of the best alternatives to Google Reader and how usable are those.

Google reader is free and it supports almost all RSS feeds. Most of you areinterested to know about the free readers rather than the paid ones. Here is a comparison chart of some RSS readers which can be a possible alternative to Google reader from marketingland.


So for me the choice is Feedly. Feedly is one of several magazine-style services that functions like an RSS reader. Its free and works on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the desktop via browser plugins for Chrome and Firefox. It offers a few extra features, like social sharing and a read later function. You can also import all your Google reader feeds into Feedly.


Feedly has been very quick to adapt and make Google Reader like interfaces for heavy RSS users. Thatdoesn’tmean we need to stick with Feedly, many new readers are following the style like Digg Reader which launched yesterday, and some of the other readers. Switching RSS readers is fairly easy, so you should give these a fair shot yourself.