As expected Salesforce on their dream event ‘Dreamforce 2013’ kicked off with the introduction of their smart app ‘Salesforce1‘, a new social, mobile and cloud customer platform for everyone. Leap ahead with the revolutionary customer platform is the motto of Salesforce and they are aiming to connect all apps, all devices, all customer data under one platform for the hyper connected world of customers. With new APIs, mobile tools, and more, its everything you need to sell, service, and market like never before.With complete and open API’s developers can build mobile ready apps to connect anything to everything.

Salesforce1 is an upgrade to the Salesforce Chatter app already available. The new upgrade has brought lot of features to the application and it’s almost accessing the web app on your mobile.

Salesforce 1 is designed to give richer User Experience and ready to build mobile development and cloud development options with 10X more API’s and services. Now all your sales, services and marketing data is available on the go.

Link to Download App:-



iOS -Compatible with iOS 6 and above

Android -The latest version of Salesforce1 requires devices with Android OS 4.2 (Jelly Bean) or later. Devices with Android OS 4.1 or earlier will receive Chatter Mobile 3.4


1) It offers 10 times as many APIs (application programming interfaces), as well as new components for building user interfaces.
2) Now customer can use custom-built apps and apps purchased from partners through the AppExchange.
3) With Salesforce1, customers can build mobile optimized apps for any device, the company boasts.
4) Salesforce1 includes a new mobile application for administrators that allow them to take actions such as remotely resetting passwords, deactivating users and receiving information about scheduled maintenance from that is called asSalesforceA.
5) It also delivers all-new mobile app customization options through Visualforce1, a mobile-oriented revamp of the Visualforce page-development environment that customers and partners have used since 2007 to create custom Web user interfaces.
6) Improvised search functionality: – Now you can searchacross the feeds including records, people, groups & conversations.
7) Now you can access all your custom objects, fields, and any app you’veve integrated or built declaratively from mobile.
8) Access publisher action from mobile.


Accessible from anywhere on the go and 24×7. Use your web application’s username and password to login to the app.

Installation and Login:-

Once the app is installed, you can click on the app, accept the terms of use and go to the login screen.

  1. Enter your Salesforce Username
  2. Enter your Salesforce Password
  3. Click on submit to login to the app
  4. The app will notify that it will be accessing the following information of you.
    1. Access your basic information
    2. Provide access to your data via the web
    3. Access and mangeyour data
    4. Perform requests on your behalf at any time
    5. The app will ask for a passcode using which you can enter the app. First time users can set up the passcode while logging in and returning users has to enter their passcode which they already used. If you dont remember the passcode, the app will automatically log out and you have to login again.

How to use the app:-

The default view is your feed. On the left side you have the notifications bar to be notified of any recent events or updates. There is a quick add button to add your files, photos, tasks, contacts etc. On the left, you have the main menu where you can access all your information like leads, contacts, campaigns, categories, services etc. Additionally you have the settings, help, view your profile and logout options. The UI is sleek and very intuitive. The overall user experience is excellent and Kudos to the entire Salesforce team in bringing with such a beautiful app with almost all the services of your web app.

In addition to the Salesforce1 app, they have introduced an admin app, ‘Salesforce A’.It’s a mobile based admin application that allows the administrators to take actions such as remotely resetting passwords, assign permission sets, deactivating users and receiving information about scheduled maintenance from Now you can reset passwords on the go.

Link to Download App: –


Screenshots of Salesforce1 app:-

Salesforce1 app Salesforce1 app Salesforce1 app Salesforce1 app