A look back at the people, moments and places around the world that mattered most on Facebook in 2013.Facebook measured how many Facebook posts in 2013 mentioned a specific topic and then ranked those topics based on the overall number of mentions to create each list. Mentions include both the term itself and related hashtags. For example, both Here at the #inauguration and Proud to be at the presidential inauguration would be calculated as part of the buzz related to a single event. ForTop life events and check-ins Facebook looked at which life events and places generated the most posts and check-ins in 2013, and then used the data to create global and country-level rankings.

Indian talked about Modi, Sachin, iPhone 5S, Raghuram Rajan and Mangalyan the most.

Most Talked about topics India



The top life events which includes the most shared milestones around the world. Getting Married/Engagements, Travelling top the list.

Top Global Life Events



The top check ins around the world included The Golden Temple from India and its the only one from India.

Checkins Around the World



Facebook also took the pulse of regional conversations in 16 different countries to give people a look at the most talked about topics near them.