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Answering, “anyone who pays us money,” is a cop out.

Almost as bad is describing your customers by demographics. It’s only a little interesting to know that they are, on average, 32 year old, white, male, lacrosse fans.

Target Audience

No, what we need to know is:

What do they believe?

Who do they trust?

What are they afraid of and who do they love?

What are they seeking?

Who are their friends?

What do they talk about?

Customers are your value maximizers.The cost of attracting a new customer is estimated to be five times the cost of keeping a current customer happy.Courteous treatment will make your customer awalking advertisement. Remember marketing isn’t about giving customers talking points, as if they were brand spokespeople. Its about delivering anexceptional customer experiencethat makes customers want to recommend you. So know your customers and provide the value that they are looking for!!


Image Courtesy:ecmag.