There are many online price comparison sites and apps available on the internet. Buyhatke is one such tool!!

Ahh even i considered it to be the same old tool and many sites available on the internet. But buyhatke made me wrong. As i installed their chrome plugin i am able to view the price fluctuations on different eCommerce websites live. It has one of the neat and clean plugin available for online price comparison in India.

There are price comparison sites like where you have to visit a website, select the product and select the websites finally to know where the price is less. It’s painful and time-consuming. BuyHatke solves this problem of visiting a website to compare prices. It’s available as an extension on Chrome as well as Mozilla. The website dynamically grabs results from various online shopping portals and provides the best deal to the customer who can then directly be redirected to the shopping portal offering the best deal and completes the purchase. They claim to have tie ups with around 40 plus eCommerce portals in India.

You can find the chrome and Mozilla extension here. Download and install the plugin on your Chrome or Mozilla browser.

Go to any online eCommerce portal like flipkart, myntra, amazon etc. We are trying to purchase Lenovo A3000 tablet. We went to to check the prices.



You will get a Compare Button on all e-commerce portals. This will help you explore the prices of any product at Buyhatke. Also there is a watch price button. This will help you to get notified of the lowest prices on your email. Just provide your email address and you will receive email from buyhatke.Buy Now button at the top will take you to the lowest deal of the product. You also get a compare prices options when you can go through all the options available to you.

buyhatke compare prices

There is a browser extension icon which will help you to get the notifications on the price variation as well as you also get a notification pop-up whenever there is a change in price on your browser. The extension is neat and clean and user-friendly.

From the user perspective, it helps to save time browsing all the website. Also helps to be on the radar and know about the price change so that i don’t end up losing my money. The tool is useful as well as user friendly. I would suggest if you are an online buyer you should try this tool and save on your purchases. I was amazed at the effort the product puts in to adjust the screen resolution and come up with the compare button as well as watch price button. You will also get a price chart whichwill helpyou decide when to purchase a product. That too fits on the same screen!

price chart

The graph compares the price variation over the last few weeks and predict whether to purchase it today or not!

Buyhatke is founded byGaurav Dahake and Prashant Singh. The site was designed with the help ofSrikanth Sethumadhavan. All three part of IIT Kharagpur.Buyhatke was one of the five winners from among 2,000 applicants for the Tata First Dot, a mentoring platform for student startups, who would be supported by the National Entrepreneurship Network.