Depending on your business idea finding the right location for your startup can often make or break your growing company. We’ve all heard that famous phrase location, location, location, and believe it or not, when it comes down to your startup, getting this right will often be a key element to your success. There are a number of aspects to consider when you want to start a business in India and there are also a number of important questions that you should ask yourselves when deciding where to set up your startup.

Finding the right location for your startup


I have a great product/service, but how can I find the best possible location to sell this?

Many new business owners have innovative ideas but are unable to attract and get enough customers through their doors to actually make a profit. This means that you need to do some research and check out the demographic overview of your area before setting up shop.

You should also remember to consider the general recreational activities of people in your area as it is a great idea to locate your start up in a highly frequented district rather than in a lonesome business park.

You can find out about your market by using advanced location analysis tools whilst remembering to look at other neighborhood traffic generators like restaurants, schools and hospitals. This will enable you to find an optimal geographical location for your start up.

Is business competition a good or bad thing for my company?

Many entrepreneurs suggest that a little healthy competition is positive and so you should think about locations close to your competitors in order to benefit from their marketing and their clients. They have already done the hard work finding the ideal location for their business so you dont have to!! As long as you have confidence in your product/service and have decided on competitive prices, being in the near vicinity of similar businesses should only boost your profits.

Where can I find the best offers?

For obvious reasons, many start ups are situated simply at home. This choice is not always the best one for many reasons. You will spare some money as you don’t have to pay a rent for your office, but it is also going to be harder to get to know yourself. Searching for a suitable office is not easy, but it’s not even that difficult. You may not find the one you’ll like immediately, but you’ll surely find it with a little patience. Check newspapers and magazines, ask your friends and don’t forget to search the internet (there are specialized office rental sites as well as free classified websites like this one with sections dedicated to apartments or flats to rent for reasonable prices).

I’vefound the perfect location, do I need a legal help?

So you’ve found the right office space for your start up, next you will need to get all the paper work done. You should always quiz your landlord carefully about the apartments condition etc. and ask the advice of an attorney when it comes to your lease. These are often hidden costs but they are necessary!!

Remember, before starting your location search its always a good idea to carefully cost out the expenses in order to get your startup business off to the best possible start.


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