I was looking for a nice plugin where the readers of my blog can rate the post using emotions or emoticons. There are several plugins available, but somehow I didn’t like any. Sometimes the settings are too complicated or it just doesn’t suit my needs. I found one nice plugin MyEffecto which is simple and easy to install. There is an analytics dashboard too which provides me the article performance.


With MyEffecto you can rate the blog using emotions. It provides your blog an emotional identity. The users can even spread the word using social media sharing. Usually the readers of any blogs are lazy to comment and this will help those users who just needs a click to express their views on the articles. MyEffecto promotes top rated blogs also. So this is good for any blog to increase their visibility and engagement.

MyEffecto works with all leading blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal etc. Also has browser extension for Chrome and Internet Explorer. You just need to sign in to the website and get the plugin installed on your blog. You can select from a variety of emoticon styles.

MyEffecto settings

MyEffecto can increase your user engagement because it’s easy for a user to select the emoticon rather than sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. The shares are time taking and the users wont spent too much time on sharing your blog unless and until they find some critical value in it. The same applies with the comment as well. That’s where these plugins are handy. This helps the readers job easy!

How to install it

You can sign in to MyEffectowebsite using your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account or by giving your email id and password. Once successfully signed up, you can either generate the embed code which you can paste on your website or install the plugin through your blogging platforms like WordPress, Drupal etc.

Through the unique dashboard, you can watch your content performance and user engagement. You can view the total no:of visits, unique visits, clicks, counts etc. You can also view your most active content as well as most recent ones. You can create your own custom feedback button sets as well.


  • A customizable emoticon based feedback button set for instant feedback capture.
  • Once feedback provided, the emotion-tagged article can be shared along with the URL of the article over social networks.
  • Dynamic feedback-triggered real-time content recommendation engine.
  • Get insightful engagement analytics.

MyEffecto was developed by a team of young experts – Hrishikesh Rane, Shinoj Shayin, Pravin Padma, Kartik Menon.

Give it a try and lets share the feedback to help the team grow better and improve further. Don’t forget to rate the article below!