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Worldwide there are over 7 Billion people. The total number of mobile connections (active) worldwide in 2013 was 6.2 Billion. In 2014 that number will reach 7.3 Billion. There will be more mobile phone connections than people in the world, even when you account for kids and those who cannot afford a phone.

Of those 6.2 Billion mobile connections, 1.1 Billion are smartphones. 2014 will see 1.05 Billion smartphones shipped. About 273 million of those are replacement and 753 Million are new smartphones.

Indiahas over 800 million mobile connections and 603 million active mobile connections.

Currently of the 603 million mobile phones, 73 Million are smartphones.

India will add 172 Million new smartphones in 2014 to have a total of 250+ Million mobile smartphone users overall.

Imagine that.

170+ Million smartphones this year that are NEW users.

That is almost 2.5 times the number of existing smartphone users in India.


Suddenly there are 2.5 times the people having access to the Internet from India.

By most estimates, India has about 150 Million English speaking users.

These 170+ Million smartphone users in 2014 are not the same as the 70+ Million current users of 2013.

They largely will use the smartphone as a phone, maybe some text messaging, music, movies and videos, and some (or very little) social networking.

Guess whos making money from these smartphone users in India?

Chinese manufacturers of low cost phones. And resellers of used smartphones in India.


1.100 Million club.

2.Handset marketshare

3.Smartphone explosion

P.S. As an aside, Facebook claims 94 Million users in India, and 70% users on mobile. There are 70 Million smartphones in India, so you can safely assume that 25 Million fake facebook accounts exist in India. (I am joking, of course, but not by much).