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Everyday we encounter hundreds of advertisements on television, newspaper and even radio. But how many even strike a chord with us? We switch over the channels when an ad begins. It’s very difficult to communicate your message in those 30 seconds or so. This is where cause marketing campaigns strikes the chord.

Cause marketingorcause-related marketingrefers to a type ofmarketinginvolving the cooperative efforts of a for profit business and anon-profit organizationfor mutual benefit. The term is sometimes used more broadly and generally to refer to any type of marketing effort for social and other charitable causes, including in-house marketing efforts by non-profit organizations.

We have seen cause marketing by global organizations. This is a form of marketing campaign which directly impacts the society and take a step forward to communicate your message. When done properly, cause marketing can result in a positive impact and can being on the intended change. This will bring goodwill to the company as well.Additionally, if we look at the research on the impact of cause marketing to a company’s bottom line, we see that 47% of consumers have bought a brand at least monthly that supports a cause, and over the years, consumers have taken increased action on behalf of brands that are tied to a cause. So in a sense, cause marketing is good for the cause, for the community, for the consumer, and for the company and its brand(s). A win-win is achieved for everyone.

But I have not seen many startups especially those from India using the tool of cause marketing campaigns. Entecity, a startup company from Kerala which focuses on building a portal which caters all your needs within a city. Be it your local news, local businesses, movies, jobs, events and programs. ‘Entecity’ in Malayalam means ‘my city’. Currently they cover Trivandrum, capital city of Kerala.


Recently as part of new year, entecity team launched an innovative campaign called entecity new year campaign to buy chocolates and gifts for the children atSri Chitra Poor Home, Trivandrum. The donations can be as small as Rs.10 onwards. They have integrated payzippy, online payment gateway of Flipkart on to their website and we can donate as much we want. In return we get goodies from entecity such as entecity stickers, table top calendars etc.Top donor (the one who contribute the most) will receive a tshirt from EnteCity. They will buy Chocolates and ice-cream for 100% of the money we donate and deliver them personally to Sree Chitra Home and shoot a video of that. Also publish the list of donators on their website and Facebook page.

According to entecity, the response was overwhelming and they collected almost Rs.11,000 in total through this campaign. The excited team has decided to buy more than chocolates and ice creams. With the additional amount, they bought school bags, stationery, etc. In addition to this the team also went to BalikaSadanam and in short they intended to buy chocolates and ended up buying lot many additional gifts for the children and could able to serve three orphanages.

The below video is shared by Team Entecity featuring their visits to the orphanages.

The team entecity deserves a special mention to initiate and support a great cause and wish them that they are able toachieve and support bigger causes in future. All the startups should learn from their success and the cause they supported. I am sure that initiatives like this will be a new trend in the startup circle of India.

What went well for them?

  1. Well planned and executed campaign
  2. Cultivated the followers of their online community
  3. Hit the right chord with the audience
  4. Communicated the social cause to the audience
  5. They could do this without any celebrity or well-known personality backing up the cause
  6. Incentivized returns for the donator

Benefits of Cause Marketing for companies:

  1. Positive brand awareness
  2. Strengthen customer loyalty
  3. Sense of achievement
  4. Increased exposure of the brand
  5. Can reach new territories
  6. Provide motivation for the employees


About is a city-centric portal providing total information about the city as well as a meeting ground for local business and services. Started in 2012, entecity is founded by Aravind Ajith and Amal Babuand now covers the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. Soon to be launched in other cities of Kerala.

Image Courtesy @entecity