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It’s not an easy job to be a blogger. Most of you bloggers out there might agree with me.

You could taste the bitterness once you start writing regularly and once you start finding that readers are interested in your blog. Once you gain the traction or the visitors, its hard to sustain the visitor count. It depends on the quality of articles you write and the topics you choose.

Blogging is a task that requires time, hardwork, passion, determination and above all true analytical and reasoning skills. He/She need to analyse a topic and think through the topic so that he can write about the topic of interest so that its interesting for the readers as well.

What are top qualities for a blogger?

  1. Passion – You have to have passion when you’re finding a recipe for your blog. One cannot force anyone to write. The writing has to come from within himself/herself. When the words reflect your passion, the readers are more interested in reading your blog.
  2. Reading – You need to be updated about the topic you write. I am sure if you are passionate about a certain topic, you will do the reading and point out the observations before you start writing about it.
  3. Communication – You need to be a good communicator. If you cannot communicate what you want to express through your blog, the whole point of having a blog fails. If the reader is able to get the essence of your writing, your blog is a successful one. Every blog provides some value to the reader. If you can’t provide the value, you are failing at your customer service.
  4. Patience – You need to be patient. I blogs about startups and marketing. If you search Google about ‘startup and marketing’ blogs you will getabout 69,200,000 results. I don’t appear anywhere in the first few results in fact not even in the first 10 pages or though! But you need to be patient and write regularly so that your visitor count increases thereby increasing the engagement of your blog. Remember patience reaps more benefits. Consider your blog as your startup. It takes time to build a startup and make it successful. Remember Rome was not built-in a day!
  5. Consistency – You need to update your blog regularly. This helps to retain your visitors and helps to increase the bounce rate. The interesting content will help to retain your visitors.
  6. Positive Mind – A blogger must accept both positive and negative comments from their readers. Rather than the positive comments, it’s the negative one which helps any blogger to succeed. Criticisms helps you to realize the mistakes and helps you to be a better blogger.
  7. Creative – Creativity leads to interesting content which in turn leads to more visitors. You need to be creative enough to identifythe unique topics and write differently about the topic.
  8. Focused Vision – Every blogger has a vision for his blog. That’s why every blog is focused on a particular topic rather than random topics.

Don’t try to monetize your blog immediately. Even if you want to monetize, Google wont accept your blog! Try to give your readers some valuable content to read and learn. Also i don’t believe in injecting keywords on your blog. Even Google doesn’t say that your blog should have minimum number of keywords. When you write intelligently, the keywords will be automatically added on to your content and not writing to inject keyword.

Enough said about the qualities of a blogger. Now something interesting. How many of you will be ready to marry a blogger?

Why you should marry a Blogger?

This cool, absolutely brilliant infographics from Aditya Nath Jha (Twitter, Google Plus) answers all your questions!

You can find the infographics here.

You don’t need to worry if you are not earning from your blog. Just blog good content regularly. Whatever knowledge you gain, it’s your responsibility to give back to the society and blogging is a medium to achieve this vision.


and BLOG MORE!!!!