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According to a report by National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), 80% of Indian youth is angry!To study aggression levels amongst Gen Y in India, NIMHANS expert team conducted a two-year survey in five Indian cities. The verdict is shocking: Eight out of 10 youth in the 15-26 years age group are angry.

Bangalore, the country’s youngest metro, is at fourth position with 79.45% of its youth found to be aggressive. The youth in Gangtok are the ‘coolest’ as they are at the bottom with 76.4 per cent. The Gen Y at Indore is the most angry with a whopping 91.67 per cent. Jammu follows with 83.08 per cent and Kochi is third with 79.96 per cent. When young men get angry, it ends in a brawl whereas girls end up the anger in arguments. So comparatively Women are calmer than Men.

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Considering Bangalore, the silicon valley of India and Kochi, one of the upcoming startup hub of India, the survey results are shocking. Latest survey results shows that the early stage entrepreneurs from India falls in the age category of 25-34.Theres no question that starting a business is easier when youre younger. The fewer non work responsibilities you have, the more likely you are to pour your blood, sweat and tears into a new venture. (This doesn’t mean that startups are only for younger generation. Anyone can start a venture, it purely depends on the effort and work that you put in). Is the survey results doing any good to the Gen Y of these startup hubs? NO!

Is anger good for an Entrepreneur?

Mental health as defined by the World Health Organization is a state of well-being in which the individual:

  • realizes his or her own abilities
  • can cope with the normal stresses of life
  • can work productively fully
  • is able to make a contribution to his or her community

A healthy person has a healthy mind and is able to:

  • think and interprets clearly
  • solve problems
  • work productively
  • enjoy good relationships with other people
  • feel spiritually at ease
  • make a contribution to the community

The above said qualities are a must for any Entrepreneur. Its you who have to dominate over the anger. Not the anger. Entrepreneurs are driven by passion and motivation. But when you are angry, you will lose your focus and only a determined, calm mind can take decisions.

As an Entrepreneur, you might face angry customers who might throw stones at you. You need to be patient enough to handle the situation. Don’t get angry. just fix the problem.

What causes Anger?

The core tone of famous game Angry Birds is also anger. The game reflects our youth’s anger. Even when we win each level and move up the levels, our subconscious mind is getting irritated and the personification factor makes you addicted to this game. Mental disorder is the prime reason for anger. Most mental disorders are due to:

  • stress
  • biological factors
  • psychological factors
  • negative thoughts
  • difficulties in life
  • social factors
  • jealousy’
  • consumption of alcohol and drugs

Once anger takes over you, you feel irritated, unhappy, hopeless, low self-esteem, mood swings, anxiety etc. These disturbances might even lead to physical brawl or more violence’s.

How to control Anger?

As an Entrepreneur you need to follow your passion. Following your vision, values and passion will lead to success.

Anger management is an art. It has to be mastered.

Anger Management

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Take time out of your busy schedule, follow your interests, play games, get some exercise, use humor to release tension and practice meditation. These are some of the ways through which you can control your anger.

Remember, things once gone is gone forever. India as a country is progressing and we have seen many success stories that made it big. Also the barriers to entry for startups is slowly reducing and we are seeing an increasing number of startups year on year. If we want to be the next silicon valley, we just can’t produce great products, we need to master soft skills too. The entire world is watching us! So be cool guys, don’t be so angry!

This post is inspired from a report published on Mathrubhumi, leading regional newspaper in Malayalam.