Ever received emails from strangers/unknown person? Ever thought of having all those information about that stranger right on your PC. That is what Vibe does.

Vibe is a chrome plugin that pulls contextual information about whomever you are communicating with, and presents it to you in a visual form.


You can download vibe for chrome from here. All you need is to install the app on your chrome browser and see the magic.Just select the email id or hover over an email id, you will know his designation, social media handles and more.

Vibe information

You can connect with the person through his social media handles from your email client itself.

Vibe is available for Google Chrome, Mac and Salesforce. The app is really nice, user-friendly and overall the user experience is good. The only issue which I could find is that the most of the results are not retrieved. As a young team and the product being in its initial phase, we can expect a lot more improvements in the coming versions. Do note that vibe is still in its beta version.

Many of you might argue that vibe is likeRapportivefor Gmail. The advantage for vibe is that its available across platform. Even if you are using a different email client other than Gmail, you can use vibe.

Vibe is developed byProfoundis Labs.

How to use Vibe?