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So every Tuesday Richa Singh organizes a twitter chat on blogs and blogging under the hashtag #blogchatter. One hour of interaction gives you insightful, refreshing views from various bloggers on interesting questions asked by the moderator. This week, Richa had six questions ready for the bloggers to pitch their views on.

  1. Identity of a blog is ‘the blogger’ or ‘the blog’ for you?
  2. How do you define famous for a blog- basis of content/alexa or page rank/other?
  3. How do you get to know about a blog? Word of mouth, social media or elsewhere?
  4. Which genre blog do you read the most? And why?
  5. A lot of bloggers now have self hosted websites. Do you think that makes a difference to readers?
  6. If you are a blogger why do you blog? If not, then why do you not blog?

The topics were all relevant as well as thought provoking. Kudos to the moderator and some of the views inspired me to do a story on this entire chat. You can find some of the most interesting tweet captured using storify.

Let us know your comments and don’t forget to attend the next #blogchatter on next Tuesday 9PM.

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