It seems Samsung’s promotion campaigns are all going the wrong direction. After the Oscar Selfie showdown, Samsung has suffered a new endorsement let down. This time NBA Superstar LeBron James, who promotes Samsung Smartphones tweeted about his smartphone malfunction!

“My phone just erased everything it has in it and rebooted. One of the sickest feelings I’ve ever had in my life.”

The tweet was later deleted by the NBA star but not before it had been seen by his 12 million followers. Soon HTC was to capitalize on this error from the NBA superstar. HTC replied to James tweet which reads”Maybe the world’s best player needs the world’s best smartphone.”

Real Time Real Talk

TheEllen DeGeneres’ celeb-studded selfie from the most-watched Oscarstelecast in a decade became a landmark in the Twitter history and had been retweeted 2.8 million times, shattering the previous record of 810,000 retweets for the photo of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hugging after the 2012 election.

The marketing has evolved with the rise of social media. Earlier the traditional marketing involved print ads, television ads and hoardings. It took days to execute an idea and implement the idea. Now with the advent of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, the marketing has evolved to be more real-time. The life of tweet is just few minutes and with almost 500 million tweets being exchanged in a day, the life has become tougher for the marketers.

Real-time marketingis marketing performed “on-the-fly” to determine an appropriate or optimal approach to a particularcustomerat a particular time and place. The dynamic ‘just-in-time’ decision making behind a real-time offer aims to exploit a given customer interaction defined by web-siteclicksor verbalcontact centreconversation. Real time marketing is reacting to the real customer in real-time with messaging that is relevant to their needs.

Real time marketing is an executional tactic. If your goal is to get recognition, then real-time marketing will work for you. Badly executed campaigns can receive more coverage than well planned campaigns!!

Who can forget Oreo’s real-time Superbowl campaign in 2013.

Oreo Superbowl Tweet

The tweet garnered million of retweets and favorites. The entire Oreo product group was behind this successful campaign. When everyone was discussing the causes of power outage in Superbowl, Oreo strikes with this outage campaign ad which became the showstopper.

The tweet conversation surrounding the royal baby had many brand with varying levels of success. Some got noticed but others lost in the noise.


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A typical Starbucks UK tweet generates 10 to 40 retweets and 20 to 50 favorites. Starbucks UKs royal baby tweet yielded an increase of more than3,300% in retweets and 2,000% in favorites. The power of RTM! (Real Time Marketing)

Where does India Stands in RTM?

Every marketing campaign has an objective. Whether it achieves the objective or not depends on the success of the campaign. We lacks behind in RTM compared to the West. Our brands are active on social media and we know that most of our eCommerce players are using social media to large extend to resolve customer issues. But real-time marketing has much more beyond solving customer issues. With IPL7 (Indian Premier League) starting in the next few weeks, brands might let lost out in the noise of general elections as well. It will be difficult for the brands to get noticed in the middle of the election drama. This is where real-time marketing comes to picture. The objective of RTM shall not be sales increase or more leads rather its more associated with the brand recognition.

RTM can earn you more coverage thereby increasing your brand visibility.

real time marketing

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We don’t do real-time marketing for the sake of real-time marketing. It’s part of your marketing plan. Moreover RTM needs the support of the entire sales and marketing team. You need to be vigilant and aware of the entire course of events and communicate at the right time to get noticed.

Here is the list of Indian Premier League teams and their performance on the social media.

IPL Team

Twitter Followers

No: of Tweets

Facebook Likes

Chennai Super Kings




Mumbai Indians




Rajasthan Royals




Delhi Daredevils




Kings XI Punjab




Kolkata Knight Riders




Royal Challengers Bangalore




Sunrisers Hyderabad




Have just considered twitter followers, No:of tweets and Facebook page likes. The engagement levels differ for each teams with different levels of engagement tactics like Facebook fan contests, answer a question etc.

I think this time IPL teams and their brand managers might have headaches because of elections. And this is where they can take some cues from RTM and if delivered rightly it might increase their fan base as well, at least on social media!

The power of social media has direct effect on the success or failure of a real-time marketing effort. A brand can improve their goodwill as well as change the attitude of their customers towards the brand. Real Time. Real Talk is what the customers are expecting and what they wants too!