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I am amazed to see my ten-year old nephew designing his own website! It’s true that technology has advanced and the newer generation issurrounded by gadgets like play station, tablets, smart phones and 24×7 internet service. But I still can’t believe a 10-year-old designed a website and here we are working hard to find solutions for personal branding, SEO, marketing theories, entrepreneurship skills and so on. It’s not new that kids can teach us a lot. In fact if you search Google, you will get millions of articles written on the same topic.

So I am not writing anything new here. I am just reinforcing all those which are already there on the internet. I have seen (especially in India) parents enforcing their children to follow the rules of education. If you colour it green, why don’t the kid colour it blue! After all he/she wants to be different. Thats one quality that we need to developed in each child. Thinking differently will help them to innovate and innovation is the culture that has been widely disappearing from India. (of course we are not that bad in innovation, after all they say zero was invented by Indians)

Children are the worlds greatest risk takers. True! They don’t need to worry about the future and the past. They live in the present.

They are curious to know everything that’s of interest to them and pay attention to the little things they see. Kids learn the language skills from their parents. They start talking after listening to their parents. They start their first little steps from their parents.

Kids are passionate about their interests. My nephew is passionate about games and his dream is to build a game one day. May be the website is a small little step to building his own gaming venture in future.

I have heard parents often complaining about their kids asking too many questions. Let them probe each minute detail. This will help them to develop a mind capable of asking questions and think differently. We call this 5 why analysis! But the poor kid doesn’t even know the first why!

One of the few important qualities that every one ofus lacking today is listening and the patience to listen. Especially with the advent of smartphones and internet, we are becoming more impatient. How many of you use horns in a traffic block? Have you ever thought that your one horn contributes to the noise pollution and do you think that your honk honking can clear off the traffic?

Even businesses and entrepreneurs has to be patient enough to accept the failures. Every success story must have a failure or a series of failures. Even the kids learn from their failures. Nobody teaches them how hot fire is and how cold ice is. They learn it from their experiences.

‘If you’re going to fail, fail hard, fail well’ – Richard Branson

They say that its easy to attract a child. You can interact well with him, give him a present, a chocolate or an ice cream, the next best thing that could happen is that the kid will become your friend soon! We should learn the social networking skills from our kids. They don’t use any social networking sites, still they are friends with kids of their age to people much elder than them. I believe these are the baby steps to become a good marketer and sales guy. Entrepreneurs needs to know their market and their customers.

Passion is one quality that almost all the entrepreneurs exhibits. Children are passionate about what they are doing . My nephew is passionate about gaming and his urge to win every game shows the passion he has towards that game. (True that we can’t allow kids to play games all the time. The priority of course is their studies)

Good leaders never stop learning. Kids are our best teachers. I think every businessman can learn a lot from kids both professionally and personally.

I am sure I have missed a lot here. I would love to hear your opinion on this post and thankfully accept few inputs from you to add on to the post.