Getty images, the worlds largest provider of stock images and editorial photos has started a new service through which users can embed images on to their blogs. As of now only selected images are allowed to embed and when ever you select an image with the embed code, you just need to paste the code on your blog.

The move is exciting and great for bloggers. But beware, you can’t use these images for any commercial purposes. These are strictly meant for non commercial purposes.By using the embed code and embedding the image, you consent to Getty Image’s terms of use.

Last year Getty images acquired PicScout for $20 million.PicScout Tracker helps content providers to identify where and how their images are used. So even if you are using Getty images on your blog post, they can track it down to monitor whether the image is being used for commercial purposes.

The new service will also help Getty images to cement their position as the world leaders in stock images.

Steps to include the image on your blog post

  1. Go to Getty images website
  2. Select any royalty free image of your choice
  3. You can find your embed code just under the image (near twitter/tumblr icons)
  4. Click on the embed icon
  5. Copy the code to your website or blog

Note: Embedded images may not be used for commercial purposes.

Use stock images from Getty images and make your blog post more attractive. Keep writing and celebrate blogging!