For the last few months, I have seen major changes on my Facebook page. More than the updates released by Facebook, I have seen the engagement levels going down. So I decided to promote my page on Facebook. Facebook promotion page is exhaustive and it allows us to add many more options to target our readers.

facebook ads page

We can define the audience, interest areas, age, gender and even define our daily budget. Once you decide on the parameters you wish to target your customer, you can schedule the ad. So that now I have defined my customer demographics and ad budget, I decided to run the ad for a week. (Though I have not spend Rs.3000 per day! I chose lesser value as I was experimenting the Facebook ads.)

Finally the results gave much joy to me as there was almost 100% increase of page likes for my Facebook page. The stats for my campaign are as below.

ReachFrequencyImpressionsClicksUnique ClicksCTR

For marketers, these stats makes sense and for an admin, it’s the page likes that matter. So at the end of the day, I got the page likes which I want. As Facebook says “Create an ad to get more Page likes from the people who matter to you.” Note the line “the people who matter to you!”. Yes, I promoted my page on Facebook so that I get more page likes and thereby increase the engagement for my posts. I was targeting my ads to those people who matters to me.

Prior to running my campaign on Facebook, I used to get at least 30% engagement levels and the page views was much lesser. Still I got decent engagement levels. So to my commonsense, ads brought more page views and more people means my page would get more engagement levels. But I am cheated here! Although I got more likes for my page, my engagement levels went down drastically. Then I decided to check these likes by going through each of those who liked my page. To my surprise most of the profiles were anonymous in the sense that there was no profile info and no activities on those profiles apart from few quotes. What these profiles did till date is to like most of the pages on Facebook and add loads of info to their interest areas.

Mean while Facebook changed their algorithm to earn more from their advertising revenues. Only 10% of those who liked my Facebook page can view my posts! Strange, I still don’t know how much trust worthy is this report is?

What I learned is that I have to boost my individual posts too so that it reaches my target audience.

facebook boost post

Paid advertising is, after all, Facebooks bread and butter. Facebook made $7.8 billion in 2013, more than $1 billion of which was from mobile advertising.

The video below, posted on the YouTube channel ofVeritasium, a popular science video blog run by Sydney-based TV presenter Derek Muller, starts out with the story of VirtualBagel.Muller explains his own more recent discouraging experience with advertising on Facebook to gain Facebook fans. Anybody who questions the value of Facebook likes and the wisdom of spending money to grow fan “communities” on Facebook will want to watch this video.

Brands has to make sure that you are not spending millions to get engagements, and you in fact are buying more engagements. It’s not about spending too much, it’s about posting good quality content on your Facebook channel that gives you engagement.

What I learned from my Facebook Page.

Content Marketing is the future!

Oreo Facebook page is one of the most liked pages (over 35 million) and each of their post earn thousands of likes. Their content and quality of content they share makes the difference. You need to generate good quality content so that you create more engagements. Even our own cafe coffee day earns better engagement levels than their competitors. Content is anything that adds value to your reader’s life. Content marketing is all about telling a compelling story. So start your story and don’t wait for the ads to bring life to your story!

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