India has started electing their leaders and elections for the 16th Lok Sabha has completed four phases till today. The media is busy covering all the election campaigns and most of the media agencies and publishershas come up with an election tracker to get live updates about your election 2014. Here are some of the websites which you can look forward to know the latest updates, news and analysis of the elections.

Facebook Election Tracker

Facebook Election Tracker

Google Election Tracker

Google Election Tracker

Social Samosa – MTS Election Tracker

Social Samosa Election Tracker


IBN Live Election Tracker

NDTV Election Tracker

NDTV Election Tracker

Apart from these trackers other major publishers has also came up with their own trackers.

Indian Express Election Tracker

Live Mint

First Post

Check out the various trackers and let me know your thoughts on these trackers and will these help you to cast your vote intelligently or is it just a tool to be updated on the election news and analysis of stories.

Updated on April 16,2014.

TCS iElect

TCS iElect is a unique sentiment analysis and data visualization App on Indian General Elections 2014. TCS iElect performs real-time analysis of Twitter data using Big Data Analytics in Cloud and delivers through Mobile App. The users of iElect will have access to an array of live insights and data on what people are thinking about Indian Elections.


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