You started your day browsing something on Google or reading news online or even checking your emails. Suddenly you saw some interesting ad on the browser, you click on the ad and you are taken to a shopping site or any website of your interest. On top of that you forgot that fact that you were checking your email and you lost focus!

How can you stay focused when you are online? We can’t think of an hour without connected to the internet world!

But it’s also true that we can’t keep focused on these internet world where you find abundance of information and you lose track of your time and lowers your productivity.

Have you ever thought of a tool that helps you keep track of your online activities and helps you know your time spent on each website and its importance. Are you facing issues to stay focused or are you feeling that online world has lowered your productivity. Then you should try Be Limitless – the productivity app.

Limitless is a chrome plugin to help you manage your time smarter. It replaces your new tab with amazing photographs and productivity tools. Set your goals when you open a new tab on your chrome browser and Limitless reminds you of your goals and resolutions. Your browsing activity is gathered and stored in your system itself and helps you review your browsing pattern. Thereby helping you to stay focused, less distraction and spent some quality time on the internet.

Limitless is a productivity companion for Chrome. It turns the new tab into a beautiful dashboard to easily identify where your time is wasted and gives productivity suggestions. The dashboard also includes a smart notepad that makes to-dos, reminders and countdowns easy to create and remember. Create goals and achieve them with inspiring images and quotes.

Be Limitless App1

Be Limitless App2

Be Limitless App3


1.Set goals and stay on track -Set a goal everyday and achieve it. The in-browser companion helps you measure your progress and improve your effectiveness.

2. Identify distraction times quickly -Limitless button sits on your browser bar. It reminds you of the time spent on distracting websites & gently nudges to get you back on to productive websites.

3.Track your time better -What you don’t measure, you can’t improve. Get detailed reports on how your day went. Improve it everyday.

4.Gorgeous wallpapers -Your new tab is now a window to beautiful places on earth. Stunning photographs by top artists inspire and keep you focused.

5.Instant note taking -Have something to note? Never leave the new tab. Store mental distractions quickly and instantly. Review the things to do later.

Overall I loved the plugin. It helped me understand my browsing pattern and helps me to keep a tab on my browsing. The beautiful wallpapers along with nice motivational quotes makes me to start my day with a smile on my face. I would love to see some more quotes and some high-resolution photos. The app is especially useful for parents who can keep track of their kids online activities and wives to keep a check on your husbands online activities too!

Be limitless is founded by Balaji Viswanathanwho is pretty much a known personality among the quorans all over the world. If you are a quora addict, I am sure that you wont miss him quite often. You can follow him on quora as well as on twitter.

Picture Courtesy: Be Limitless

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