TCS, the Indian IT major has finally associated with Twitter toobserve, analyze and participate in the social conversations around the world’s largest general elections. TCS iElect is a mobile app to providefascinating insights and trends on a real-time basis. Almost all the media agencies and channels has come up with an election tracker already, but this one, must be given a try.

The app is available for android users and can be downloaded from here. iOSversion is coming soon.

TCS iElect is a unique sentiment analysis and data visualization App on Indian General Elections 2014. TCS iElect performs real-time analysis of Twitter data using Big Data Analytics in Cloud and delivers through Mobile App. The users of iElect will have access to an array of live insights and data on what people are thinking about Indian Elections.

CNBC-TV 18 has partnered With TCS And Twitter to use the iElect App data on air for the Lok Sabha elections.


  • Real-time analysis of millions of Tweets: > 3.5 million tweets already analysed
  • Share of Voice of leading politicians
  • Sentiment analysis of Key Politicians and Parties
  • Association of key politicians, parties with key issues and other celebrities in peoples minds
  • Popularity of political leaders across major cities
  • Tracking digital activity on leading politicians
  • Trending topics
  • Twitter tag cloud
  • Take a shot at guessing what the Parliament of 2014 will look like!
  • Not satisfied with the existing manifesto? Make your own and share!

Although TCS claims that 3.5 million tweets has been analyzed already, I would say that the number is too less compared to what twitter handles on a day. (Twitter handles more than 500 million tweets on an average per day and 5700 tweets per second on average!) But the app which is in its beta stages need more time and these facts can be ignored for the time being given the fact that the app gives you an excellent user experience.

I have downloaded the app from the play store and installed it on my android phone. The app is super lightweight and won’t hang up your phone unlike other analytics app.

The app has various sections like twitter trending, viral tweets, celebrity tweets, twitter trending topics, twitter tag cloud, my parliament, my manifesto.

Twitter Trending

This section displays the top trending candidates on twitter along with their percentage trending. On clicking the candidate picture, the app takes you to tone of voice. It shows the positive and negative sentiment analysis along with the recent tweets of the candidate you clicked on. The app also displays the most popular cities for this candidate, issues mentioned with, celebrities mentioned with.

TCS iElect Android App

The twitter trending is also available for parties as well. You can also view sentiment analysis for parties, most popular at, issues mentioned with, celebrities mentioned with.

Viral Tweets

You can view the most retweeted or favorite tweets here by different political parties and their candidates for today, past 3 days and past one week. Here I can view the tweets, but unable to retweet it or fav it. If the tweet points to an article, the article can opened through the hyperlink presented.

Celebrity Tweets

The section of the app where you can view the celebrity tweets. You can select the default listed celebrities from the list. Once clicked you can view their recent tweets, total followers, activity count.

Twitter Trending Topics

You can view the most discussed and least discussed topics on this section. I would have loved if I can click on the tweet and see related tweets or relevant tweets. The topics are sorted by their discussion, but there is no way to know how it is affected or being discussed.

Twitter Tag Cloud

Similar to tag clouds that we use in blogs as well. The twitter tag cloud displays related topics or discussed topics. There is no scroll and we can’t know more about these tags.

My Parliament

You can select your own parliament and share the predictionswith your friends on social media. Useful for prediction, but I don’t see why people use it! You can form your own parliament, select your alliancesetc.

My Parliament - iElect

My Manifesto

If you are not satisfied with the different manifesto’s of political parties, you can create your own one here and share the same with your friends on social media. You can add/remove your manifesto item.

Both my parliament and my manifesto are one way to invite more users to the app. The chances are high that they create their own parliament and manifesto and share it with their friends. Instead of inviting new users to the app directly they have used a new way of interaction and engagement.


Overall the app is clean and has a simple intuitive user interface. As it’s in beta stages we can be sure that they will come up with more accurate updates on the analysis. The twitter trending has the full advanced analytics and I wish the same level of analytics to be brought on the other sections as well. If we can get the sentiment analysis on trending topics, or celebrities who use these trending topics are preferred. But considering the design the user experience, I will give full marks to the developers of this app for their effort and kudos to the thought process.

I wish the app could have been launched a bit early before the elections, it would have been the most popular election tracker. But credit should be given to the TCS iElect team for the effort on putting this wonderful app together.

A must use if you want to stay updated on the India elections 2014.

Don’t forget to try the app and let me know your feedback/suggestions on the app.

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