Narendra Modi’s victory tweet has gone viral and twitterati was right on time to retweet and favorite the tweet. The tweet has been retweeted more than 70000 times and more than 45000 has favorited the tweet.

Twitter has played a major role in this election as a means of communicating with the followers and taking their feedback. Several mobile apps like TCS iElect and real-time trackers of social samosa, ibnlive etc were based on twitter trends. The leaders like Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, Gul Panag were all active on twitter and has conversed with their twitter followers frequently. In a nine-phase vote that spanned six weeks, with millions exercising their right to vote, what does aTwitter electionlook like? It looks like this: more than 56 million election-related Tweets from January 1 this year till May 12, when the polls ended!!! Each of the poll days saw between 5.4 lakh and 8.2 lakh election-related Tweets. Twitter has released a heat map which captures the mentions of each candidate – Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is highlighted in orange, Rahul Gandhi in blue and Arvind Kejriwal in green. Twitter Heat Map Narendra Modi’s victory tweet becomes the most retweeted tweet ever from India. Earlier record was for Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell tweet which got around 17000 retweets and more than 12000 favorites. Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth also made an impact with his inaugural tweet fetching more than 14000 retweets and 19000 favorites. Narendra Modi has more than 4.23 million followers on twitters. Even Facebook page of Narendra Modi is a run away hit among his followers. Facebook page of Modi has more than 15 million likes.

The victory post on Facebook fetched more than 6 lakh likes, 92000 shares and 50000 comments. This is more than any other leader from India!

Narendra Modi has made his presence offline as well. He has travelled all over the country to cover a total of 118387 kilometres since march 31. At the same time Rahul Gandhi covered 75000 kms and Arvind Kejriwal around 4000 kms.

There is no short cut to success. This election has opened up a new channel for political campaign – the social media. The social media has once again proved that its not just a chatter group but rather a powerful tool which can impact highly on people especially on their purchasing decisions.

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