I have been a technology fascinated guy from childhood. I remember the day when my dad bought me the first Windows PC. It was a Pentium 4 PC with big CRT monitors along with a UPS and a printer which costs us around Rs. 75K.

From the first day, I was hooked onto the PC installing all the softwares, collecting songs and listening to those hit numbers during those times in high volume so that I can stand tall in front of my friends because I had those hit numbers first within our circle. If you install Winamp and add some hit numbers to playlist and voil! You become the local DJ who has the full collection of all the hit songs.


Days has passed and the good old days are gone and we look at the future. Technology has bypassed human problems to certain extent and we have even forgot to go out and hang out with our friends. Facebook is your favourite hangout place, earlier it used to be country side beaches, playgrounds etc. Remember those days when you played football with your friends fully drenched in rain and your mother will be yelling at you for playing wet and drenched in the mud. But why should we worry. Our mothers has the supernatural powers to remove the dark stains. Thanks to Surf Excel!

So the days has changed, now even the kids grow up with the internet world. From the day he is born, we start searching the Google for names, parenting, how to feed them, how to sleep them, how to play with kids! and the list goes on. We have the luxury of having Google, but think about our mothers and fathers and the days, even having a land phone is considered luxury.

Life has moved on. We are busy handling both our work and family. We are used to technology, and uses technology for almost everything. Wish I own a robot who can feed me so that I don’t lose time eating food with my hand. I am not against Technology. Technology has helped us a lot. We wont be calling everyone on Skype or sending messages on Whatsapp real-time. Thanks to technical innovations. They have made our life easier and much happier as well!

I own a smart phone already. But somehow I don’t like spending too much on a smart phone. I thought what else we do on a phone other than talking and playing games. So I decided to go and buy a smart phone which costs mearound Rs. 12K and now I am going crazy! Why? Because, it’s too late to realize that we can do almost everything with a smart phone. But still I couldn’t replace my laptop with my smart phone. I found my laptop more useful and comfortable using it for writing my blogs, reading articles, commenting, for preparing my presentations etc.

I am in a dilemma now. I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I can’t do everything on my smart phone, but I can’t take my laptop everywhere I go because it’s too big. To solve my dilemma, I saw an interesting contest on indiblogger. It’s all about a tablet which can be transformed into a laptop as well. AAh. now that’s something interesting. Tablet which can solve my problems I had using smart phone as well as my laptop. 2 in 1 !! I decided to check Asus Transformer Book T100. Asus Transformer Book T100 is one of the latest entrants of the tablet market. Its sleek, ultra-portable 10 inch tablet with a grand new design. Powerful things can come in small packages.True if you look at the specification of this laptop, you will come to know that I am not kidding!

Asus Transformer Pad T100

  • 10.1 screen
  • Intel AtomTM Processor Z3740(Up to 2.3GHz, 2M)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage, microSD card slot
  • Keyboard dock accessory included
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g/n + BT 4.0
  • 2 cell battery
  • Windows 8.1 + Microsoft Office
  • 550 grams, 10.5mm thick

Asus Transformer T100

So lets see what makes me hooked on to the Asus Transformer T100 series laptop + tablet.

I decided to meet one of my friend who stays at Chennai. We won’t get tickets easily to Chennai by train. So the preferred mode is to travel by bus. Although it takes 12 hours from my place to Chennai, if we are hooked on to our gadgets, we can make any travel comfortable and enjoyable. I decided to check the availability on my new Asus Transformer laptop. I browsed through several websites and finally managed to get a seat. The same for my return journey as well. I checked many travel websites so that I can easily know which all places to hangout while I am in Chennai. I did a lot of planning and created to do lists on my Asus Transformer laptop so that I don’t forget the things needed for my travel. From Windows store I can install lots of apps which helps me in managing my travel. Once installed, I can set the notifications at regular intervals so that I don’t forget anything.

On the day of journey, I got into the bus and I never felt bored. Thanks to Asus Transformer Laptop. I can change it to a tablet so that I can use it comfortably without disturbing others. I started browsing my favourite websites, made some important notes for my blog. But suddenly I realized that I am out of the coverage area and I won’t be able to use the internet for sometime now! It’s time for some gaming actions. I have installed some decent games so that I can play while I am on the move. Bored of gaming! Try some movies and music. Asus Transformer T100 has 32 GB internal storage as well as micro card slot. I have used 16GB card which I got free with Asus Transformer T100.

As I am going to Chennai, I decided that I will watch some Rajnikanth Movies. Who better knows Chennai than our Thalaiva. Two hour movie bash and Thalaiva’s performance made the time run at a lighting speed. It’s almost midnight while I finished the movie. Thank God I am in coverage area now. I could immediately check my office emails and reply on some before the network goes down again. I checked my whatsapp to see the audio and video send by my friends (That’s what we use whatsapp for!) and to check when was the last time she was online 😉

The next morning when I reached Chennai, I was shocked to see the life of my tablets battery. It’s still 40% full. Thanks to dual cell battery of Asus Transformer T100. While I was in Chennai, even though my friend knows the route and the shortcuts, Google map on my tablet helped us a lot in finding the right directions. Its better to travel in our own vehicle than hiring an auto in Chennai. (Hope you know the nightmares of fares asked by Chennai autowalas. No offense though!)

All day I kept checking the various apps installed through windows store. Apps for finding the best restaurants, finding good hangout places, bus fares, etc. Alternately I could check my messages as well as the social media channels. I use twitter often and check in at various places on my Facebook account as well. I have installed all these apps from the Windows store on my Asus Transformer T100 tablet + laptop.

Two days passed at lighting speed and the next evening I started my return journey. When I reached back my home, I never felt that I was not out of the internet world. I am connected always and can happily switch over to laptop and tablet.

Asus Transformer Book T100

Asus Transformer T100 is good if you are a casual user. That is not interested in high-end gaming. If you are using this one for watching movies on YouTube, music, downloads (Licensed though), Microsoft office, browsing, photo editing and wont be using it all day, then this is the one for you. Asus Transformer Book T100 It’s suitable for people who are looking for the comfort of a tab and the functionalities of a PC. Does clean multi tasking. You can connect your headphones and has a decent speaker too. T100 comes with pre-installed Windows Office Home 2013. Supports USB 3.0. Windows 8.1 is pre-installed. So you don’t need to worry about updating to the latest one. You will get one year on site warranty. Though it’s a complete No if you are a hardcore gaming wizard. But if you are looking for comfort and wants to get the benefits of both laptop and tablet, then you can purchase it from here.

Obviously Asus could have added more in-built storage as 32GB looks too less if you planning to use it as tablet as well as laptop.

ASUS Transformer Book T100 product video

This post was part of indiblogger Time to Transform contest.

Topic: What keeps you hooked on to technology even when you’re on the move? Is it playing your favourite games, talking to friends, catching up on some work you love doing? Write a blog post on the things that you think will keep you hooked to a “Transformed” T100 when you’re on the move. The most creative and original posts win exciting prizes.

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