The entire world is eagerly waiting for July 13 to know who will be crowned the next World Champions. Yes! the World cup has started and the entire 736 players will be playing their best football to reach their destiny and dream.

After 64 years the world cup has returned to Brazil and the world is looking up to their favorite teams to life the trophy. Latin America’s beautiful game coupled with Europe’s attacking football along with Africa’s energy makes this a beautiful game.

Jogo Bonito, a Portuguese phrase meaning the beautiful game.

The world cup returns to the land of beautiful game after a gap of 64 years. Who better knows football than Brazilians. Even the small kid in Brazil still remember the defeat against Uruguay in 1950 in front of their home crowd. For Brazil, if this is a chance for revenge, it’s probably the last chance for Messi and his team to grab the World cup in front of their fellow rivals home ground.


Billion Dollar Game

32 nations, 64 matches, 12 venues, 33 lakh spectators will be fighting it outfor one dream, the World Cup 2014. Brazil will be hosting the costliest world cup ever. 2010 world cup held at South Africa has incurred total cost of Rs. 33000 crores and when the world cup reaches Brazil, the total estimated cost is about Rs. 80000 crores. The costliest world cup ever!

Rs. 21000 crores has been spent for constructing new stadiums and renewing the existing ones. 6 out of the 12 venues wasnewly constructed.

The estimated revenues for FIFA is Rs. 23000 crores. This is almost 66% more than the previous world cup. The major revenue source is television rights and advertisements. Rs. 9800 crores is theestimatedrevenue from selling the television rights and Rs. 7000 crores are expected from advertising revenues.

FIFA has followed a three-tier sponsorship structure – FIFA Partners, World cup sponsors, National supporters. Adidas, Coca Cola, Hyundai, Emirates, Sony, Visa are the FIFA partners. Castrol, Moy Park, Budweiser, Johnson & Johnson, Yingli, Continental are the World cup sponsors and the National Supporters include Apex Brazil, Wiseup, Centauro, Garoto.

It was estimated that 15% of the World population (more than 90 crore) has at least watched 1 minute of the final played at South Africa in 2010. Atleast 60 crores people have watched 20 minutes of the 2010 final according to a study conducted by FIFA.

Hope these sponsors fills the FIFA presidents pocketsas well!

FIFA spend Rs. 3340 crores for the playing countries as well as the players professional clubs. All the 32 playing countries will be given the prize money. For the teams that exit in the first round, they will get Rs. 40 crores. That means all the 32 playing nations is granted at least 40 crores.

For the teams reaching pre quarter, the prize money is Rs. 52 crores and for the teams that reach quarter finals, they will get Rs. 81 crores each. Fourth places team will get Rs. 116 crores, third placed team will earn Rs. 127 crores and for the runners-up, the prize money is around Rs. 147 crores.

The winner will earn Rs. 203 crores and the golden trophy.

Rs. 10 crores is given to each team for the initial preparation and training by FIFA. Rs. 410 crores are paid to the clubs who owns these players.

The most social world cup ever

The world cup is the most talked about event in 90% of the world countries followed by Olympics at 84%. Nike has already released a new video based on the World cup. The video has been viewed28,510,181 times already in 3 days.

Twitter has come up with a new World cup timeline.

Twitter Signup

You can follow World cup on twitter through these hashtags.#WorldCupor#WorldCup2014

Thematch timelineshows Tweets about specific matches that are happening in real-time to help you keep up with the latest goals, saves, fouls and more even if youre not near a TV. And if you want to only view Tweets with photos and videos, just choose the photos-only view.

If that’s not enough, you can add hashflags to your tweets.

Twitter Hashflag

You can also view the score updates on the sidebar once you logged inside Twitter.

Twitter Match Update

A recent study by Adobe has predicted that world cup will be the most social sporting event ever.To date, the World Cup has generated more than 19 million social mentions with 90% of the world contributing to these conversations!

Adobe World cup data

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most mentioned player with 1.5+ million mentions in May. Neymar was 2nd with 1.2+million.

By the time I release this post, the world cup opening ceremony might havebegun. The entire world is united for a single cause, the football.Football is not a sport, It’s a religion! The official theme for World cup 2014 is All inOne.

Which team are you supporting for? And who will win the World cup 2014?

Ending the post with Shakira’s new world cup song (not the official one though) after the superhit ‘Waka Waka’ back in 2010. The video has been viewed more than103,285,114 times in YouTube. The official song is the We Are One by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.

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