I am sure that each one of you out there who blogs,are finding it difficult to identify a topic which interests your readers. Or you are finding it difficult to identify topics which attracts more traffic.

How to drive moretraffic to your blog?

This is a difficult question to answer. Your readers wont be interested in reading your article if it’s not providing any value to them. How can you provide value to your readers? Even if you provide valuable content, what’s the guarantee that it drivesmore traffic?

So many questions but too little information to answer. Rather than finding the reasons for ever decreasingtraffic, try thinking of posting some interesting information. Popularize your blog on social media. Invite more readers, but how?

From where do you get the inspiration to write each blog post. It could be either froman article which you read on internet or magazines or topics which you see yourself from your surroundings/neighbourhood, or it can be any current trending topics.

Each blogger whether he is a novice or a professional blogger, finds it difficult to create content. We even end up spending more time in content discovery than content creation. So what if you have a guide which helps you in content discovery or a guide to provide you blog ideas.

List of blog post ideas

The ultimate list of blog ideas by Digital Marketer helps you in identifying the blog post ideas.

They also created a mind map which clearly defines each point that we need to identify for our blog post.

The article is divided into 8 sections, each representing a goal you might be trying to reach with your blog.

  • Be Useful
  • Be Generous
  • Be Entertaining
  • Be Timely
  • Be Human
  • Be Promotional
  • Be Controversial
  • Be Engaging

So identify your goal and choose one of these posts to drive more traffic to your blog and more readers.

You would also want to check this article by Matt Banner “151 Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed to Keep Readers Hungry for More“.

For even more tips and tricks, head over to postach.io. They have written about 7 excellent ideas that will help you set up your blog effectively. These ideas along with the creation of valuable content will drive traffic to your blog and builds authority, reputation and monetization opportunities.

Which one do you use most? Post your comments below.