The recent state of the blogosphere survey by Business World and reveals that India has more male bloggers than female bloggers. But does that matter? Obviously not! The survey focuses on the fact that blogging is growing in India and has seen a growth of over 48% from 2012. More and more Indians seems to be attracted to blogging.

The survey was conducted between December 2013 and January 2014. The data has been collected from a sample of 35,464 human-verified blogs from the database. 1059 bloggers on the IndiBlogger network also responded to a questionnaire of 12 queries. The study also includes 318,059 blog posts submitted on IndiVine since 2008.

Today’s internet world is driven by content. Content marketing is the key for enterprises to generate leads. Blogs are the essential tools required for content marketing. Content is always the king! (Oops, no time to debate though!)

Social Media is one important channel for the marketers to reach out to their potential customers. Blogs help the customers to reach these social media handles of the marketers. Blogs has been a key enabler for online buying decisions.

The survey shows that 88% of the bloggers blogs in English and the rest in their regional languages. Get the hint! There is a scarcity of local content. Localisation is the future for India. Though the category is niche, you can be the crowd puller.

25-35 is the age group that are most active on the blogosphere. 54% of the bloggers belong to 25-35 age group. 24% belongs to 18-25 and 14% belongs to 35-45 age groups. This is interesting. Why because if we analyse this information, we can see that more than 90% of the blogger belong to 18-45 and these bloggers are either blogging to get noticed or for professional exposure.

The most popular topics are travel, food & drink, movies, tech, gadgets etc. The above statement holds true if we look at the popular topics.

Health along with elections, gadgets and shopping are the most growing categories. These are some of the areas that need an expert review or feedback before making any buying decisions.

Bloggers find Facebook more useful than Twitter along with LinkedIn and Pinterest. Several surveys have shown that Pinterest has is one of the growing social channel for the eCommerce and fashion players.

Bangalore is the silicon valley of India and its true for blogging also. It should be the blogging capital of India. 12% of blogger belongs to Bangalore and Mumbai also shares the same followed by Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. Wont be surprised if you see the correlation between popular blogging topics and the place!

Compared to global bloggers, Indian bloggers use more text and videos than images on their blogs. 56% of the Indian blogs influence buying decisions and Indian bloggers monetize from their blogs better than their global counterparts.

Some interesting facts:

  1. 86% of the bloggers monetize their blogs
  2. 22% bloggers use their blog to further their profession
  3. 45% are being approached by brands or agencies

The major monetization routes through Amazon (64%) and Flipkart (31%) Affiliate programs.

63% of the bloggers still use blogger platform followed by self hosted blogs at 21%. WordPress is used by 14%. The search engines and social followers are the major traffic sources.

Indians feel better to write on their desktops and not mobile. 73% of the bloggers surveyed used desktops for blogging and only 23% used mobiles. Hopefully I believe we are making efforts to make the blog readable on mobile at least.

Read the full survey report below:

Content Marketing might be in the early stages in India. But brands has started using blogs as a medium to address customer requirements. Most of the users are doing online research before making purchases.

I hope we see many more blogs in the coming years and bloggers earning more and more through their blogs !

Always remember this. “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Brian Clark

What are the top qualities of a blogger? Post your comments below.