How about a philosophy of working from any where and yet achieving the results beyond everyone’s expectation. Grindkey helps you to work from a beach or in simple waysit helps you to work from anywhere with increased efficiency and therefore, leading to creation of space & time.

As the name suggests, Grindkey helps you in task management and it can be your to do list companion as well.There are several task management and to do applications already like Trello, The simplicity of the application is the key differentiator for Grindkey compared to other applications.

Grindkey is anonline to-do list / task management system equipped with collaboration and project management features.Grindkey allows you to capture your tasks and then simplify each one by breaking it down into smaller tasks on each of which you can collaborate with others while tracking each item through notifications.



1. Work from anywhere. Create your own discussion groups and teams within and outside office as well as geographies.

2. Manage your tasks ranging from reading a book to prioritizing your daily office work or household work.

3. Create the high level task and break them down to smaller sub tasks.

4. Collaborate with your team and organization.

You can sign up or login with your Google Account. Once logged in you can view your tasks based on the progress of the tasks you created. The tasks can be open, submitted and in completed status. Creating a task is simple and you just need to submit the task title and press enter to create a task. There are provisions for viewing both work and office related tasks.

For each task, you can set due dates so that you are aware of meeting the deadlines. You can attach files and messages to each task so that everyone is aware of the progress as well as the attachments. One good feature is the ability to tag different people to each task. This will enable you to collaborate easily and set expectations straight away.

Each task can be broken down into sub tasks and assign people to these tasks. Grindkey works on the principle of sharing and collaboration there by improving the efficiency as well as quality of the work.

You can focus on whats important and categorize your work in a logical manner.

Once the tasks are completed, you can archive the unnecessary tasks. The bookmark feature will help you to prioritize the tasks. Using Grindkey you can connect to Google drive and attach files directly from Google Drive. I liked the flip design used for task status. Clicking on the task will show you the progress, assignees, followers, due date, guests. Even though I found it after a bit of struggle.

You can invite people to the application as well as createprivate conversations with them. The good thing is that you don’t need to switch to email at any point of time.

The Grindkey is a startup from India and the application is currently under beta. I hope to see some improvements going forward. As of now I don’t find it more useful than Trello or Grindkey is simple compared to all other tools available out there. But I would love to have a better user interface so that its easy for me to follow and unfollow tasks as well as highlight my own tasks.

It satisfies all my needs for a simple project management – manage tasks, collaboration and deliver on time.

Trello is based on Kanban principles and Grindkey, in a way is similar to Trello. Both uses card based system as in Kanban.


  • Free to use
  • File sharing and real time collaboration
  • Integration with Google Drive and Drop box, sky drive coming soon
  • Private messages
  • Guest user feature
  • Unlimited task creation
  • Creation of task is as simple as hitting an enter button
  • Ability to archive tasks
  • Follow and Unfollow tasks
  • Cloud based application


  • Improvements to User Interface
  • Would love to see the ability to sort tasks by date as well as prioritize tasks
  • No Calendar view
  • Ability to add notes as well as add task description

If email doesn’t work for you, task management applications provides you the answer. Grindkey is the new kid in the town and hopes to make it big.

Do try out Grindkey, join using your Google accountand start using!

Let usknow your feedback. In the mean time you can follow me on Twitterand stay updated.