TCS, India’s number one software service provider is back with a real-time Twitter Analytics android app SocialSoccer. TCS had earlier came up with TCS iElect which provided real-time Twitter data on Indian elections 2014. Similar to iElect, Social Soccer provides the real-time Twitter data related to World Cup 2014.

TCS SocialSoccer will help you track the biggest event in the world of football.

  • Get live scores and instant alerts on all the action packed matches of 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • Match analysis with live update capturing all the action. Goals, Yellow cards, Twitter spikes, sample tweets and more
  • Get the latest news, viral tweets, images by following your favorite teams and players
  • Stay in the loop about trending players countries and teams
  • Retweet directly from the app and interact with fans around the world
  • Get real-time FIFA World Cup updates through related tweets
  • Share your predictions of all the match
  • Discover views and opinions of the best minds in the game

You can download SocialSoccer from Google Playstore.

You can also follow the insights generated by TCS SocialSoccer through theTCS Facebook Page as well as on Twitter.


According to the latest Twitter blog, Brazilvs Croatia opening match saw more than 12.2 million Tweets about the match during the live telecast. This opening match is one of the most talked match in this World cup till now. More than 150 countries joined the Twitter conversation. The World cup 2014 is touted to be the most social sport ever. Even Twitter has lined up series of new features exclusively for this world cup like Hash flags, exclusive time lines for world cup etc.

SocialSoccer Review

The app looks really cool with intuitive design and user-friendly. Even though once you download the app and the setting up might take some time. You need to select your favorite team as well as players. The search functionality on the setup page is disastrous. It’s a painful process to choose your team and players.

Once you are inside the app, the experience is much like iElect Election Tracker app. But the data is extensive and well displayed.

The home page displays the matches for the day and the live score. It also displays the percentage of people on Twitter favoring those teams. The home page also shows your favorite team and players selected during the setup. You can edit your favorite team and player in the settings. The most trending tweets for your favorite team is displayed in the home page along with the most trending tweets of your favorite players.

Twitter Trending Teams

This tab displays the top trending teams on Twitter and the percentage trending. Clicking on the team icon will take you detailed analysis and breakup of data. If I select Argentina, the app displays the positive trend as well as the negative trend of Argentinaon Twitter. You can also view the recent tweets about Argentina. One of the best feature of this app is that while viewing the tweets, you can retweet, reply and favorite the tweets from within the app itself.

The app also displays the sentiment trend for the team chosen over a period of time. It shows both positive and negative sentiments. You can view the activity trend for a team and match schedule & analysis for the team chosen. Another excellent feature is the location feature which displays the countries with most tweets about Argentina. The tag cloud displays the most recent tags used.

Twitter Trending Players

Twitter trending players data is also similar to the teams. The app shows you the most trending players on Twitter. When you click on the player name, you can view a detailed analysis of Twitter data about the player selected.

The features like sentiment analysis, Tweets, Activity trend, match schedule and analysis, tag cloud and location are all available for the players as well.

Viral Tweets

The viral tweets displays the most viral tweets about World cup 2014 for today, past 3 days and for the last one week. You can retweet, reply and favorite the tweet from within the app itself. You need to authorize the twitter app so that SocialSoccer can post the tweet on your behalf.

Pundit Tweets

The app displays a list of selected football pundits and their tweets. You can also view the frequency of their tweets and the number of followers.

The list is not so impressive even though I hope they will improve the list of pundits.

Twitter Timeline

Twitter timeline displays the number of tweets for each day starting from the first day of World cup till date.

Match Schedule and Analysis

The points table for each group displays the current position of the teams in their group.

The schedule displays the games played on each day and on clicking on the game, the app will take you the scorecard along with the sentiment analysis before, after and during the match. Also displays the most popular tweets related to the match.


Overall the app is clean and has a simple intuitive user interface. As its in beta stages we can be sure that they will come up with more accurate updates on the analysis. The twitter trending has the full advanced analytics and I wish the same level of analytics to be brought on the other sections as well. Considering the design and the user experience, I will give full marks to the developers of this app for their effort and kudos to the thought process.

Already TCS iElect had been used by some of the TV majors for their election campaigns. The Analytics tool provided the much-needed social insights for their coverage. Based on the real-time data that SocialSoccer deals with and uses, these can be used for some detailed analysis of the Twitter Trends and I really hope to see Sony Six coming up with a better Pre and post match shows. Cafe Rio really sucks compared to Football presentations on ESPN and Star during EPL and other leagues. The so-called Football Pundits could use these data at least to stay updated as well derive some interesting analysis from these insights.

A must use if you want to stay updated on the World cup 2014.

Dont forget to try the app and let me know your feedback/suggestions on the app. Follow me on Twitter and share your updates.