Yes its Ballloon. Ballloon with three L. Ballloon is the quickest way to save web files to cloud. Just connect your Google Drive or Dropbox to Ballloon and you can save web files such as pdf files, images or even linksdirectly to your cloudwithout downloading steps. One click is all that’s needed.


You can download Ballloon from Chrome webstore.

Ballloon is a chrome extension which can be installed and used withyour chrome browser. Just hover over the image you view on the web browser and you can see Google drive and Dropbox icon on the top right corner of the image. Click on the icon and done! The image you just viewed on your web page is saved to your Google drive account or Dropbox.

Ballloon is easy to use and useful if you are a user who wants to save images and pdf’s to your cloud. Once downloaded, you need to sign in to your cloud account and it’s done. After this initial setup using Ballloon is fasterthan saving your files to desktop/laptop/mobile.

Image Saving - Ballloon

You can view the Google Drive and Dropbox icon on the top right corner of the image.

Saving pdf’s is lot easier than said. Right click on the link and save to Google Drive or Dropbox.

PDF Saving - Ballloon

Once saved, you can get access to these files from your cloud account and Ballloon will create a folder in your account. You can view all the files saved under this folder.

Hope Ballloon comes with a feature to save images to desktop/mobile as well soon.

The advantage of saving your files on cloud is that you can get access to these files from anywhere and other computersas well. If you start to lose track of which files you sent where, Ballloon departures page will help you.

Download Ballloon from Chrome web storeand Follow Ballloonon Twitterand Facebookto stay updated. Ballloon is really cool.

Ballloon is developed byChengdu Madhouse Technology Co.Ltd.Ballloon is released sixweeks ago and they havehad over 4K users without using even a penny on marketing. That’s impressive, isn’t it? The team has tried and failed on previous attempts and hoping to see Ballloon reaching heights soon. Madhouse Technology Co.Ltd is headed by Norman SU (President & CEO), Jason Gao (Marketing Director),Wu Tao (Market Analyst), Douglas Xavi (Chief Engineer), Sonia Hsia (Web Engineer), Oscar Fan (Business Planning), Sarah Bai (Copywriter) andHuang PingPing (Accounts).

The team really deservesan applause for this wonderful tool and hoping to see Ballloon reaching 1 million users soon.

Try to check out Ballloon and Post your feedback’s/suggestions as comments. Reach out to meon Twitter as well.