According to an RTI filed with IRCTC, the failure rate for ticket booking is 7.9%. That is in 92.1 cases the ticket is booked and money is debited from consumers account. In 7.9% cases, the money is debited from consumers account and the ticket was not booked.

The below is the transcript of RTI reply.

“During April 2012 to January 2013, out of the total 15.32 crore attempts by users to book tickets, payment was settled for 12.69 crore attempts and out of these payment settled cases, ticket was booked in 11.58 crore cases.”

“The percentage of transactions where money is debited through consumers bank account but ticket was not booked constitutes 7.9% of total payment settled cases during April 2012 to January 2013 and 92.1% cases ticket was booked.”

IRCTC has different categories for various payment options.It has categorized the payment options in three categories:

Gold Category: Success Rate (>=80%)
Silver Category: Success Rate (70-80%)
Bronze Category: Success Rate (<70%)

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Classification of Banks & PG based of success rate in the month of May 2014.

PG_SuccessRateChoose your payment gateway carefully while booking tickets on IRCTC and if you are a frequent traveller.

The chart shows that Payment Gateway’s of private banks are more reliable than public sector banks. Even using SBI Debit card has higher chances of failed transactions.

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IRCTC Next Gen Website

IRCTC rolled out its next gen website which will allow to book 7000 tickets per minute. They have already moved 2.5 crore users to the new system. The Rs. 100 crore project which will improve the overall capacity of the site is slated to roll out completely in the coming two months. Earlier the system could handle booking of 2000 tickets per minute. The IRCTC website receives about 4 lakh bookings in a day.IRCTC says that tatkal bookings in the first hour would reach 60,000 from 40,000 due to the latest upgrade.

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