Amazon extended its #Amazoncart to India.By connecting your twitter and amazon accounts, you can add products that you see on twitter to amazon shopping cart just by using the hashtag #AmazonCart.

The service was first started in US few months back.

#AmazonCart: Add it Now. Buy it Later. Shop from within Twitter!

AmazonCart IndiaAll you need to do is to connect your twitter account to Amazon India. Whenever you see a tweet containing an Amazon product link, reply to that tweet with #AmazonCart. The particular product will be added to your amazon shopping cart and you will receive a reply tweetfrom @MyAmazon.

Once added, you can complete the shopping when you want. If the item you added is out of stock during your purchase, amazon will update you with out of stock message. Basically the new feature helps you to save the items to your shopping cart even without visiting amazon website.

This is line with our focus on anytime, anywhere convenience for our customers. You dont have to leave your social media activity on Twitter and when you are ready to shop on, you have a cartful of items waiting for you. -Amit Agarwal, VP and Country Manager, Amazon India

For any products or deals that are out of stock, unavailable, or expired customers will get a tweet to indicate status of unavailability.

“The Twitter and Amazon agreement now extends to India to provide the maturing eCommerce industry here with another tool to engage online shoppers as well as to extend relationships on Twitter to the core of their e-commerce platforms. It’s an innovative product discovery-recommend-buy use case via Tweets and we’re pleased to have #AmazonCart go live in India,”-Arvinder Gujral, Business Development Director, Twitter Southeast Asia and India.

How it benefits Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates (affiliates) can increase their earnings by promoting #AmazonCart in your tweets.

Amazon Cart India

How Does it Work?

#AmazonCartmakes it easy for your followers to shop directly from Twitter. Now when you tweet an product link with your Store ID, Twitter users, who have connected their accounts to Amazon, can add the item directly to their Carts by replying to your tweet with ‘#AmazonCart’. Any purchase that occurs as a result of a Cart add via #AmazonCart will be attributed to your Store ID and therefore eligible to earn advertising fees.

Amazon will recognize the store ID in the URL that you tweet, so any replies to your tweet that result in a Cart add via #AmazonCart will receive Associates attribution.

#AmazonCart can add any physical product sold on to your visitors’ Carts. Digital products are excluded since products are purchased via 1-click, preventing add to cart functionality.

For products that have variations and require the visitor to select custom options, e.g., size of pants, the product ID within the link is what will be added to Cart. Visitors will be able to select their preferences when they review their Carts.

Shopping gets social

Amazon has taken a step further towards social shopping! The consumers are using Twitter more now to talk about product decisions and this is a good initiative in the right direction. Without leaving twitter, we are able to shop from amazon. This unique features will provide more data to Amazon about the user. The twitter integration will provide deeper analytics to the users data and their shopping patterns.

Amazon India launched in 2013 is already creating buzz in the Indian eCommerce space. The competitors like Flipkart are coming up with new set of premium and exclusive features for its customers.

Amazon India started off with books and later adding more categories. Amazon claims that they have more than 1.5 crore products for the consumers to choose from.

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