Indians basically are emotional driven and we can see those emotions captured beautifully in our advertisements as well. We respond to ads and videos promoted as part of campaigns and even in social media we share videos of the brands and those shared by our friends.

Marketing is based on emotional factors as well. Marketing communication is based on their target customers emotions. We see more than 100 advertisements a day and it is really difficult for the brands to get the attention of their customers. The ad makes the difference and if promoted well with the proper marketing communication, the message will reach their target market effectively.

The advertisements use a variety of emotions to communicate to their target market. Emotions like fear, happiness, sadness, shock, guilt, awareness, competition and trust are some of the emotions that are mostly used by the marketers.

KBC is back

KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is back with a brand new season and the promo videos are back and this time it makes a difference.

Watch the videos below.

KBC launch promo 2014 – Neighbours

KBC 2014 launch film – Kohima

The Verdict

The message is simple and thought-provoking. The entire idea of KBC is to get challenged, inspire and help thousands of Indians to earn knowledge, money and fame. Every year KBC takes the entire Indian audience to new levels and thoughts with their new and creative promo ads.

Both the ads discuss and portrays the current issues that India discusses. The ad is simple as well as thought-provoking and urges the audience to treat everyone as equal and be a part of India. The ad creates an awareness as well as promotes the show as well.

This campaign can be called an emotional marketing because it stimulates the emotions of the audience that views the ads and create awareness. The right emotional appeal touches the core of audience. The KBC 2014 promo ads strikes the right chord between the marketing message and its audience.