Seth Godin, the marketing guru, recently posted a new blog post “Doing the hard things” on his blog. He is one of the top most blogger as well as a marketing geek/guru where millions of followers wait for his blog post daily.

In the blog post Doing the hard things, he writes about how to do things differently. One model of organization is to find something that you’re good at and that’s easy and straightforward and get paid for that. The other model is to seek out things that are insanely difficult and do those instead.

Seth talks about Dave Ramsey, Henry Ford and how they created unique value for themselves as well as for their customers.

He ends the blog post with a simple question “How do we do something so difficult that others can’t imagine doing it?”.

The question is applicable toall entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts alike. How do we create value to our customers? How do we create something unique? How to take risks?

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and love to take up challenges. They solve real world problems. India has produced enormous amountof successful as well asfailed entrepreneurs. We might have heard of only success stories but in fact we should learn from their mistakes more. The more you fail, the more stronger you become.

Hard Work beats Talent

Doing the hard things in Indian way

We, Indians, are naturally less attracted to take risks. But that does not mean that we have not produced enough Entrepreneurs or successful/failure stories.The success stories of Flipkart, Redbus, MakeMyTrip are some of the best motivational stories that we have heard of. The latest $1 billion funding of Flipkart is the largestsingle round funding for any Indian company. The Redbus which has changed the Indian bus travel space was sold to Nasper for Rs. 800 crores. MakeMyTrip, India’s leading online travel company is one of the few startups from India to be listed in US.

These companies werenot built-in a single day. It took more than 7 years for Flipkart to becomethe number one eCommerce company in India. Redbus is the number one bus ticketing portal in India and it took 7 years for them to taste this success.

We are Changing!

The Indian startup scene is evolving and changing. We need more Entrepreneurs who can generate ideas and implement those successfully thereby creating more jobs and contributing to the economy.

No wonder one of my question in Quora has been viewed more than 1,39,000 times. You can view the question and interesting comments on my Quora page.

We need more stories whether it be success or a failure because there is lot to learn from these stories. These stories are created by doing the hard things and following their passion and dreams.


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