Yet another feather on the cap for one of the best tourism departments in India, Kerala Tourism has crossed 1 million likes on its Facebook page. They are the first tourism department in India to cross 1 million fan base on its social media channel. In fact Kerala Tourism has more fans than most of the tourism departments in the world.

Kerala Tourism is ahead of its global competitors like SingaporeTourism which has 8 lakh Facebook fans, Thailand Tourism with 6 lakh fans, Paris Tourism with 3.2 lakh fans and Sri Lanka Tourism with 6.6kfans.

Launched in 2010, Kerala Tourism is active on their Facebook page with daily activities ranging from posting photos of spectacular Kerala and sharing fan pictures too. The Facebook page is primarily used to showcase the cultural and picturesque Kerala to the global audience.

Kerala Tourism


Kerala Tourism is active on their Twitter Channel as well. The follower count on twitter is more than 26.6K with 10.7K tweets. Joined in 2009 on twitter, Kerala Tourism is using twitter well enough to post pictures and increase engagement by re-tweeting the fans pictures and posts about Kerala.

The Facebook page of Kerala Tourism has an average user rating of 4.2 with more than 20K fans giving the 5 star rating.

In addition to the regular Facebook page, Kerala Tourism has two more Facebook pages dedicated to French and German population as the travelers from these countries are the more frequent and the most visited tourists. France is the second biggest market for Kerala Tourism after UK. Germany is also a key market where the popular Kerala Ayurveda treatment is famous.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Kerala Tourism is also active on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Kerala Tourism is known for its innovative ads and interaction and its user engagements. It is the first tourism board in India to have a responsive website with interactive technologies. The website is available in 18 languages and is content rich.In terms of web traffic, the site was among the top 10 tourism websites in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East regions. On an average the site gets more than 250000 visits per month. They were the first ones to start a campaign on UK taxis which was a hit among the UK population. One good point to be noted is that even without a brand ambassador, these campaigns have been hit among the tourists.

Recently Kerala Tourism has conducted an innovative campaign called Kerala Blog Express where they took selected bloggers from all over the world for a free trip across Kerala for two weeks. In return, the bloggers blogged about their experiences on their blog and the website has attracted global reach.

What makes Kerala Tourism different?

Kerala Tourism is one of the pioneers in India to leverage social media to promote tourism. The innovative approach to their marketing campaigns has earned them a place in top 100 super brandsof India in 2012.

Kerala has successfully implemented and delivered 5core areas or services.

  1. Policy: Supporting a transparent and inclusive policy process, promoting fair and open competition, strengthening institutional capacity to implement and enforce policies, drawing international support to augment expertise.
  2. Product Development: leveraging core strengths, creating new products, building USP, focusing on sustainable development to offer products of international quality, creating enabling investment environment, stimulating demand, promoting partnerships to ensure the flow of fundsinto the tourism sector.
  3. Marketing: building a brand, emphasizing quality assurances, providing demand-driven information, competing at a global level, collaborating on international and regional platforms to create a highly visible platform for the state.
  4. Infrastructure: focusing on the core and linkage infrastructure and investing in strategically focused capacity to support development priorities.
  5. Tourism Services: building a critical mass of tourism workers, increasing technical skills, strengthening community entrepreneurial skills, augmenting managerial capacity to build a service sector sensitive to tourists and tourism.

You can read the entire case study of Kerala Tourism here. The case study is prepared by CRISIL on the recommendation by Ministry of Tourism India Government so that the model can be replicated in other states as well.

Yet another Innovative Campaign

In yet another innovative campaign, Kerala Tourism has invited tourists from all over the world to select their dream holiday. The dream deals is one of the inbound campaigns where Kerala Tourism is trying to attract tourists during the monsoon season and the festival season.

Kerala Tourism Campaign

The travelers can register for the dream deal 2014 and select the best package suited to their needs.