Apprehensive about making mighty real estate transactions with your limited savings? Do you constantly need a trusted source to tell you that your investment decision is worthy and just? Fear not! Remember, the power is in your hands as buyers. It is up to you to know right from wrong, gold from silver, and bargain from bling. Inevitably, social media sites and other such property portals need to strategize and sell their services to suit smart audiences like yourselves. Now where do you go to find such a website you ask? Good question.

While most realty websites are focussed on capturing consumers with an array of property options and promising projects, does one better. Launched in 2007 as a mere real estate idea, has come a long way in radically changing the property market with its unique ability to connect people having common interests with one another. is what it is today because of this distinctive quality of providing a platform for people to communicate such tangible necessities. It is always important to keep a track of such information and there is no better way to do this than by seeking guidance from such a reputed informant.

Now, lets walk through the homepage of this website and see what it has to offer.

Real Estate Section

1. Innumerable Real Estate Options Just A Click Away

Real Estate Options - CommonFloor

Searching for listings has never been this simple. On opening the Commonfloor homepage, you are greeted by a highly recommendable search bar that has an added bonus of allowing you to directly find property on the map. This search bar is an effective way of finding property listings that are perfect for your requirements.

2. Up Close And Personal With A Powerful Magnifying Tool

Powerful Magnifying Tool - Commonfloor

Once the map is open, you will find that you get an exact estimate about the number of properties and projects that are available to buy and rent in each city throughout the country.You even have the liberty of filtering out your budget, property type, and number of bedrooms required.

3. An Informative Top Panel Like Never Before

Top Panel - Commonfloor

By turning your attention to the panel on top, it is hassle free to procure relevant real estate information on the Commonfloor website. When it comes to knowing the particulars of buying and renting property, lets you choose from a wide range of topics such as searching for new homes, browsing projects, NRI real estate investment, and home loans. Apart from that, also provides accurate property advice through the use of guides, current real estate news, and a forum that enables people to freely ask questions on matters related to real estate.

4. Prioritize Options With The Projects In Spotlight

Project Spotlight - Commonfloor

Snapshots of projects having high investment potential are made clear on the homepage of Commonfloor itself. While most other real estate websites expect you to first search for exactly what property it is youre looking for before providing the best options, takes a step further by giving you an overview of the present projects that are worth looking into. This is a time-saving process that is both intuitive and informative.

5. An Active Galleria That Lets You See It To Believe It

Active Galleria - Commonfloor

Apart from providing you with basic listings, is interested in showcasing real imagery of projects with a quick description of the property type to further stimulate its audience. By scrolling right, top projects along with their respective photographs can be quickly glanced at to shortlist properties that have great potential.

6. Builders You Know You Can Trust

Builders List - Commonfloor

No matter how good a project might look on paper, a major factor to consider while buying properties is the reputation of the builder. Unlike most other real estate websites, understands this necessity and provides you with their list of the top builders in India. As a result, you will know whether your choice of project to invest in is advisable or not.

7. Scam Free Real Estate Agents At Your Disposal

Real Estate Agents - Commonfloor

Taking the help of an agent when investing in real estate is always a good decision. has a list of featured realtors, with whom it is ensured that you wont face any undesirable situation such as being exploited on any account.

8. Creme De La Creme Of Localities

Localities - Commonfloor

When searching for properties in a city that is relatively unknown to you, it is always beneficial to have a handy list of the top localities of the region. is responsible for providing you with such a list of localities that have maximum price appreciation rates and good returns from investment.

9. Professional Opinions From Experts On The Matter

Expert Opinions - Commonfloor

In order to establish your support in its service, has a series of testimonials from real estate experts that talk about the impact of this real estate portal and how it has benefitted them.

Moreover, due to commonfloor’s knack of portraying data in an objectifiable manner, it is easy to make the right real estate investment decisions from using such a service. Built from scratch, commonfloor is a real estate portal that has long-term costs and growth advantages.That being said, the amount of attention and venture capital received by the website in the last year alone, is extremely noteworthy. As for the company, this is the beginning of a very bright future that is sure to be raining real estate.