One of India’s largest online classified portal Quikr introduced a new feature ‘Quikr Nxt’. The new feature includes a free chat service between the buyer and seller, an option to save all their chat history and share photos between buyers and sellers.

Quikr Nxt

Quikr Nxtassures you complete number privacy. Interact with prospective buyers or sellers directly via Chat, without ever revealing your number. Rather than talking to your prospects, you can chat with them from your own comfort zone. All your chat history will be stored and you can view all your chat history in your Quikr account. You can send unlimited photos as well through the chat.

In the current format, Quikr helps the buyers and sellers to interact over phone and emails. But it takes times and the turnaround time is long. The chat feature helps to solve these problems. It helps the buyers and sellers interact over the chat and a better turnaround time.

The below teaser video helps you in understanding Quikr Nxt better.

In my point of view this could be one differentiatorfor Quikr. Chat has some advantages over email and phone. I don’t think any other online classifieds portal has this feature.

1. Live chat is convenient for buyers and sellers

A 2013 study ofU.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study shows that42% of full-service customers indicate using a live online chat feature vs. email (23%) or other social media forum (16%). Although this is related to customer service, I think this applies to online classifieds as well. Live chat is quick and simple. This also helps the buyers and sellers to browse through other products while continuing the chat.

2. Less costly and a time saver

Chat feature helps the buyers and sellers interact over the Quikr website. This helps in reduced phone calls and the cost associated with these calls and phone messages. They can share photos through these chat messenger. This again helps in reduced time. Otherwise the seller/buyer has to contact over phone and go back to email for photo sharing and then back to phone to discuss further. This might take few days time to complete. But the chat feature helps in better turnaround times. As everything happens dynamically, I guess the decision-making process is simplified.

3. Increased Privacy

Quikr Nxt assures you complete number privacy. One of the problem that the buyers/sellers face in India is privacy of their phone numbers. These numbers are either exchanged to brokers or useless morons who try to reach these phone numbers and disturb the buyers/sellers. The chat feature helps to solve these problems to some extent. The buyers/sellers can interact over chat and send all the relevant information. So I don’t think there is a need for exchanging phone numbers at all.

Live chat is a good fit for most, but it’s not a good fit for everybody especially for people who are not tech savvy.!

Try Quikr Nxt here.


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