The online restaurant guide Zomato introduced a new logo yet again. Months after introducing their heart-shaped logo, Zomato yesterday announced their brand new logo. This time its similar to UrbanSpoon logo, the company which they acquired the last month. Zomato will be using the spoon in UrbanSpoon’s logo and red color of Zomato logo.

Zomato New Logo

I would say this is an aggressive and riskier move by Zomato. UrbanSpoon is one of the most recognised brands in United States, Canada and Australia. As per Zomato, by the time the integration of UrbanSpoon and Zomato is over, two third of Zomato traffic will be from existing UrbanSpoon customers and these three countries.

The most important challenge of UrbanSpoon acquisition is the number of users and information to be migrated to Zomato platform. And I would agree with Zomato that these existing customers of these three countries are so important for them to succeed in these countries.

The new logo is nicknamed ‘Pomodoro’ by the Zomato team.

Read here about the Zomato’s heart-shaped logo.

Zomato recently acquired UrbanSpoon (United States, Canada, Australia) and Mekanist in Turkey. UrbanSpoon is one of the largest acquisition made by Zomato. This helps them to expand globally and challenge the market leaders Yelp.

Youre probably thinking that were nuts to be doing this only a couple of months after releasing our Heart logo. But for us, this is a simple case of making sure that the transition (of merging Urbanspoon to Zomato) is the least painful for the most number of our users. We want to make sure that when we update the Urbanspoon app for millions of users, we dont give them a new name and a new icon. Doing that could make it look like they installed the Zomato app by mistake, potentially leading to a large number of uninstalls.For Zomato users, they get a new logo, but retain the name. Hopefully, that shouldnt give us a large number of uninstalls (not much was lost when we moved to the Heart logo a couple of months ago) - saysDeepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato

The users will get to see the logo changes through the upcoming updates for mobile apps.

By March, we hope to be in a position where Zomato users across the planet will be able to easily recognize this icon on their phones, and fire up the app to find restaurants lightning-quick. We understand this is going to be another change for all of you who have been using Zomato regularly; its also the most painful for us the cost and effort of changing our logo everywhere across the world is humongous. But overall, we really hope well be given another chance to familiarize ourselves with your home screens. We promise we wont ask you to do this again for a long time to come!

Zomato is one of those Indian Startups who are trying to make it big globally. They have seven acquisitions to their name till now.Founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zomato is present in 130 cities over 19 countries.Over 331,600 restaurants are listed and served over132.1 million foodies since 2008.

Zomato mobile app is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Look at some of the old logos of Zomato below:

The earlier name of Zomato was Foodiebay and this is how the logo looked like.

Zomato - Foodiebay

After changing the name to Zomato from foodiebay, the logo changes to

Zomato - old logo

Later changed to this.

Zomato old logo

Then finally got a heart-shaped logo few months back.

Zomato Heart Logo

What do you think about this logo change? Did you like the new logo of Zomato.

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