Uber India has introduced two new safety features in India. The new features will be available to all android users once they update the app from Google play store. This is in response to Uber’s commitment to safety means working to make riding with Uber the safest and most dependable way to get around, Uber said in their blog.

Earlier there were incidents in Delhi where a Uber driver allegedly raped a girl and Uber was banned in the national capital. Later Uber came up with additional features likere-verification of all driver partners with the police, additional background screening with First Advantage, and the establishment of a dedicated local Incident Response Team to handle critical situations.

Uber SOS and Send Status

The two new features are send status to your near ones and friends and a SOS system to help you in emergencies.

Send Status: Sharing Your Journey With Friends & Family

Send Status replaces Share my ETA. Send Status enables riders to share details about their driver and vehicle – including live GPS tracking, driver photo, name and vehicle license number – with family and friends.

With this new feature, riders can also send trip details to up to five pre-selected contacts with just two taps of a button. Send Status makes it even easier for friends and family to pinpoint your exact location and track trip progress in real-time — from start to finish.

Uber Send Status

  1. Set up your list of contacts
    • In the Uber app settings, you can select up to 5 of your preferred contacts
  2. Request a ride as usual
  3. Before your driver arrives or at any point during your journey, tap ‘Send Status’

Your pre-selected list of contacts will receive a link to view your trip status live as soon as you hit send (no SMS fees charged). You can also add additional contacts to share your trip details with at this point.


An SOS button helpsriders to immediately contact local authorities in the rare event of an emergency.

How it works:

  1. In case of an emergency, tap SOS in the top right of the screen
  2. Confirm the call to automatically dial local authorities (‘100’)

Uber SOS

These two new features are available across all Indian cities and in all android phones. iOS update will be rolled out soon.

We can hope that Indian users use the SOS system properly and won’t misuse the feature. Uber is here to stay in India! Competitors, better look out!