Crowdfunding is not easy and it can kick your ass if not followed the best plan. Kickstarter is one of the top crowdfunding platforms. There are78,382 successfully funded projects in Kickstarter as ofnow.$1,523,411,385is the total dollars pledged to Kickstarter projects. Around 40% of the projects that raised funds through kickstarter campaigns are successful. Most of these projects use kickstarter as a platform for early funding and the media publicity. One of the most viewed kickstarter campaigns likeZack Browns potato salad projectreceived more than2,068 media mentions in 54 countries and people from 74 countries supported the potato saladproject.

Surepayroll along with ghergich & co. combined to create this infographic which will help you to run a successful kickstarter campaign.Read for more details about Kickstarter as well as pro tips for your startup campaign.

16 Tips to run a successful Kickstarter campaign 1