Kaziranga national park in Assam, a world heritage site is famous for one horned Rhino. Spread across 430 square kilometers, Kaziranga hosts two-thirds of the world’s one hornedrhinoceroses. We have coveredlot of startup stories acrossTier-1 cities of India, but recently we had a chance to cover lesser known startups from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of India. From India’s Northeast, a bunch of gaming enthusiasts who share a common passion for gaming started Fofatt.

Fofatt Logo

Fofattis a gaming studio start-up based out at Duliajan, Assam (India), scheduled to release their first casual title ‘Crash Match’. Fofattdevelops games with a motiveto captivate theaudience and provide a kick that only a good game can. Their primary objectiveis to give the gamers the best user experience with high quality engaging games.

Fofatt is a creator of exciting games, games that enthrall you. We intend to make you ride your adrenaline!

Fofatt was founded in May 2014 with a mission to provide bestinteractive entertainment to add more cheers to people’s lives. Theirlogo is a pair of Chashma(Specs), inviting you to look at the world through it in a lighter way.The name “Fofatt” is derived from the initials of the sentence ‘Full of Fun All the Time’.

Fofatt is readyto release their first game ‘Crash Match’ for smartphones.Crash Match is a free to play puzzle matching game withunique game play concept themed around Kaziranga.

The testing version of the game forsmart phones is now available at Fofatt website.

Crash Match is a browser-based social freemium game where a player gains points andrewards by matching the cars of the same type. The testing version of Crash Match is nowavailable for smart phones (Android, iOS, Windows), releasing subsequently on tablets,computers and Facebook.The play area is the highway passing through Kaziranga and the mascot of the game isSukaphaa, a little one-horned rhino.

Crash Match Logo


The characters of the game are a few cars andSukaphaa. The cars are a nuisance, they are basically bullies who fight and try to overtakeeach other by speeding on the highway. They represent the ill, odds and inhuman activitiessuch as poaching, cruelty against animals etc. that are prevailing. The little rhino feels thatit is his responsibility to protect his animal kingdom and keep those ludicrous cars at bay.Crash Match is a free to play game and the team isplanning to release premium features such asextra lives to increase playing time and special powers for an enhanced gaming experience.Fofatt will also organize Crash Match Real Cash Tournaments where players can participateby paying a small joining fee. Winners will, be rewarded with real cash prizes.

Target Audience

Fofatt’sprimary target audiences are from India and overseas. By choosing Kaziranga as thetheme they are attempting to expose the beauty and heritage of the national park. Besides asthe player plays on behalf of the little one-horned rhino to save the jungle family, itwill psychologically impact the players spreading awareness of some great causes like savingwildlife and protecting the one-horned rhino.

Currently Fofatt is a team of five – Sudarshan Sonowal, Parismita Borah,Abinash Mazumdar,Madhurjya Chutia and Chandan Hazarika.

Founder Profiles:

Sudarshan Sonowal

An electronics engineer from Assam Engineering College who is self-taught in different programming languages. Since 2009, Sudarshan has worked in various custom software and website development projects, but the desire to see common people use something he has built pulled him into game development. At Fofatt, he primarily looks after game play coding, backend data processing and the technical aspects of the website. Personally he believes in progressing rather than winning and loves playing chess.

Parismita Borah

Has an advance diploma in Animation & Fine arts and a working experience since Feb 2010 in Prime Focus, Mumbai, as a VFX and stereo compositor. Parismita has worked in movies like Clash of the Titans, Transformers: Dark of the moon, Men in Black 3 etc.Fun loving, adventurous and creative by nature, Parismita after coming back to her native place Duliajan in April 2014 started Fofatt with her friends. In Fofatt she handles the pre-production, graphics and VFX.

Abinash Mazumdar

Abinash, after completing a Diploma in Audio Engineering from Mumbai in 2009, started working in various audio projects and a number of Assamese movies. Joined Fofatt as he prefers to be in his hometown than anywhere else. A self-taught graphic designer, Abinash handles the graphics and sound design for Fofatt.

Madhurjya Chutia

He is a commerce graduate but since childhood Madhurjya was keen in reverse engineering and exploring things. At Fofatt, he primarily does research and extract value added data to help in the decision-making process. He is a car enthusiast and a natural gamer.

Chandan Hazarika

Chandan is a science graduate and has studied business management, interest in doing something of his own made Chandan join his friends and form Fofatt. He looks after the Marketing and Communications at Fofatt. In his leisure hours, he loves travelling and surfing the internet.

Crash Match social links:

Twitter: @CrashMatch
Facebook: www.facebook.com/crashmatch

Fofatt social links:

Twitter: @fofattgames
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fofattgames

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