Animators from across the world have come together to make a Sanskrit animated movie called Punyakoti. The movie will be the first ever animated movie in Sanskrit. The music album for this movie is composed by the legendary music composer Ilaiyaraaja.

Ravishankar, an HR professional with Infosys underwenta language learning course in his company and that inspired him in making this film. The movie is based on a popular and beloved folk song from south India.

The idea of a Sanskrit animated movie was not well received by the production houses and thus he decided to take this project as a freelance work. He got 30 animators on board to do 3 minutes of animation each. The plot of the movie is centered on human animal conflict and the punyakoti, the holy cow is the central character.


The traditional folksong gets a twist when the young men of karunadu decide to build a bridge across the river Kaveri that changes the life of punyakoti, the cow that speaks the truth at all times.

The movie will be a tribute and an attempt to restore pride in Indian culture and heritage that has contributed significantly to the world’s culture, says Ravishankar.

Why Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is the most scientific language in the world that is designed from arranging sounds logically. Its grammar is perfected to work more like an algorithm. Like Yoga, there is a renewed interest in the west on this unique language. Sanskrit is the root of many western languages including English. The health benefits of speaking Sanskrit or listening the language is being researched upon, as people have reported relief from stress after listening to Sanskrit compositions.

The Core Team

Punyakoti Team

The team includes renowned people like Rakesh P Nair, designer of 2014 National Games mascot Ammu; Anvar Ali, renowned childrens writer and poet from Kerala and Manoj Kannoth, the National Award-winning editor of Veettilekkulla Vazhi.

The movie is still work-in-progress and will be finished by August 15,2016. More about the film and updates can be seen on punyakoti’s website.

Rather than going for any big production units, the team has started a crowdsourcing campaign on Wishberry where you can contribute to the making of this movie. The campaign will end on August 30, 2015 and the target is Rs. 40 lakhs. Till date they have raised Rs. 23 lakhs from 230 backers. There are some exciting rewards as well for the backers.

For Profit or For Passion?

Why make a Sanskrit animated movie? Why take on a difficult and ambitious project like this? Why risk your reputation and put others into trouble as well?…goes the questions when I share about making Punyakoti.

My friend Badri aswered this beautifully, when he said, I am not sure if Punyakoti is a ‘For Profit’ project, it surely is a ‘For Passion’ project.

I am reminded of Chamu Krishnamurthy’s words when he said, Ganga starts as a small stream up in the Himalayas but it takes the others rivers as it goes along without losing its own character, and ends up as the Ganga Sagaram when it reaches the Ocean. To me, Punyakoti project is like that. It is a long and arduous journey, but it is powered by passion.

I believe I am just a ‘nimitham’ – a medium for it to happen, says Ravi Shankar on his dream project.

Punyakoti progress till date

Punyakoti Progress

The below video depicts why RaviShankar wants to weave his dream project to a reality.

You can backPunyakoti team through Wishberry Crowdsourcing campaign.

The team has registered a proprietary company called Puppetica media that will own the movie. The revenue generated from the movie will be contributed to promote and preserve Indian art, traditional artists and culture. A portion of the revenues will be given as a token of appreciation to the artists who joined this project.


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