Bangalorebased Helpchat, a chat based personal assistant app has announced that it will be acquiring Mumbai based deal discovery platform, Niffler for an undisclosed amount. Helpchat rebranded itself from Akosha, from a complaint redressal forum to personal assistant app few months back.Helpchat is a chat based personal assistant app that helps you get more things done.Niffler is a company started with the aim of making real life experiences such as shopping and eating out more fun and interactive.A Niffler is a fictional creature that helps you find treasures!


Niffler was founded in 2014 byViraj Shah, Prince Arora, Edul Patel with the aim to provide information on all sales, deals & discounts.Niffler is a platform that enables advertising and promotions through customer engagement. It provides brands and stores tools to incentivize users (by giving points or offers) for promoting products via the Niffler app and monitor the reach of these promotions through a web-based analytics tool. Stores can run campaigns/promotions, get detailed information about their customers and send personalized offers at right moments to increase footfalls and drive sales with higher ROI.

Nifflerhad raised funding worth $1 million in March 2015 from SAIF partners and is based out of Mumbai.


Started in 2010 as complaint redressal platform byAvinash Vankadaru, Vishal Pal Chaudhary, Ankur Singla,akosha rebranded itself as Helpchat. Helpchat is funded bySequoia Capital $21M till date.

Helpchat’s free android application had over 7,50,000 downloads since it was launched in January 2015.

“We are geared for aggressive pan-India growth in the coming few months. The acquisition of Niffler is one of the first major steps in this direction,” said Ankur Singla, CEO and Founder of Helpchat.

Helpchat provides services in the areas of Travel, Recharge, Holidays, Household Services, Food Delivery and connect with local business.