On a rainy day in October 2007, a man from Mahabubnagar bought a book online. He was creating history through that online purchase as well as been a part of that superb journey that continues even today. Flipkart started in October 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal has emerged into one of the largest online marketplaces in India valuing at around $15 billion. Flipkart now employs more than 33,000 employeesand acquired almost six companies on its way to success that we see today. [2010 – WeRead, 2011 – Mime360, 2011 – Chakpak.com, 2012 – Letsbuy.com, 2014 – Myntra.com, 2015 – Appiterate]

Flipkart would have seen many ups and downs in this eight years of journey. Those sleepless nights, nail-biting tensions and hot-wheels action, inclement weather, borrowed money, a race against time, are all part of this great journey. Started with an initial investment of Rs. 4,00,000, Flipkart has raised almost $3.15 billion in 12 rounds funding from 39 investors.

Flipkart recently published their story, how a man from Mahabubnagar ordered a book titledLeaving Microsoft to Change The World and the challenges their founders had to go through before delivering the book to the customer.


Reproducing the entire article below from Flipkart Stories.

It was late October 2007. V V K Chandra lived in Mahabubnagar, a town in undivided Andhra Pradesh that is now the headquarters of the largest district in the new state of Telangana. Chandra used to run a freelance web consultancy then. His voracious appetite for books brought him frequently to Hyderabad, 90 km away, where he combed the citys famous bookstores for inspiration. But even Hyderabads best didnt stock the one book he craved John Woods memoirLeaving Microsoft to Change The World.

Chandra used to blog about technology and the internet. Beneath one of his posts, a user who identified himself as Sachin had left a comment with the link: www.flipkart.com.


In hindsight, I guess he was really marketing his site! laughs Chandra, who now works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Intrigued by the unfamiliar link, he clicked, and found himself on a site that purported to sell books and ship them anywhere in India. He hadnt seen anything like it before.

The website looked decent. I wont say it was amazing, recalls Chandra, who was then keenly following the startup scene in India. As a developer dreaming of launching a startup, I know what used to make good websites those days. Most of the e-commerce websites werent user-friendly.


More importantly, the site stocked the book he wanted. He decided to luck it out.

It was not an expensive book, just about ?500. I could afford to risk losing that money, Chandra recollects, chuckling.

He ordered. And waited.

A whoop of cheer went up in a small two-bedroom apartment in Koramangala, Bangalore, where Flipkart had just taken its baby steps. Nobody had yet made a purchase on the freshly unboxed website. Co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, unrelated despite the common surname, spent their interminable waking hours promoting their new startup and feverishly scanning their inboxes for emails. Chandras order was the very first.

Jubilation turned quickly to confusion, with a hint of panic. Leaving Microsoft seemed to be unavailable.

We looked for the book for two days across 50 bookstores in Bangalore and even called up a few in Delhi and Mumbai, remembers Binny. He dashed off an email to Chandra.


Was Flipkarts first sale going to be a damp squib? Tensions ran high.

I finally spotted the book at Sapna Book Store in Indiranagar, Binny recalls. It was the last copy and it wasnt exactly in mint condition. The pages were yellowish but thankfully they were not torn, he says.

Binny phoned Chandra to buy time. He couldnt get through.


When Chandra received Binnys email he felt reassured. I thought,at least this is a real company, he mused, recalling the episode. I felt like I could trust them.

Chandra wanted the book so badly that he didnt care if it wasnt bookstore-fresh. He wrote:


History was one step away.


But there was more drama in store. October in Bangalore is known for torrential rains, waterlogged streets and traffic woes. All of which makes riding a bike a reasonably heroic pursuit as many Bangaloreans on two wheels will attest. At about five in the evening, soaking wet, Binny arrived at the bookstore in Indiranagar. And realized that he had forgotten his wallet. He went right back into the rain.

I borrowed money from one of my roommates to pay for the book, says Binny who returned to the bookstore to purchase the book.

On October 31, 2007, Chandras order was shipped. Since November 1 was a state holiday in Karnataka on account of Kannada Rajyothsava, the book reached him in Mahabubnagar the following day.


Not only did they deliver the book, they offered me a 10% discount for my troubles, says Chandra, who left a glowing customer testimonial that was featured on the Flipkart home page for months to come:

The best Indian online book store I have ever seen. Fast and free shipping, discounts and a large number of titles. I could not have expected more. You guys really rock. Good luck.

Heartfelt praise froma young bookworm inMahabubnagar who was spared the ordeal of a 90-km commute to Hyderabad.

Thats how Flipkart fulfilled its first wish.

Image Courtesy: Flipkart Stories

The article is reproduced from Flipkart Stories written by Bijoy Venugopal, Editor at Flipkart Stories.