India e-Commerce sector is growing at a rapid pace and the revenues are forecasted to be between 16-20 bn $ for 2015. Cart Abandonment by online shoppers has emerged to be a critical issue with as many as 70% online shoppers in India abandoning their carts before the final purchase. Against this backdrop, Octane Research has released their findings on how and why the online shoppers leave their carts and abandon their shopping experience and how India marketers are addressing this to convert lost revenue opportunity. This study titled, Understanding Indias Shopping Cart Abandonment 2015-16 provides insights, strategies and recommendations for India marketers to earn back the lost revenues in abandoned shopping carts.

Key Highlights of the Research Study:

  1. Mystery shopping conducted across India portals reported that about 34% of the e-Commerce websites deploy a Cart Abandonment Program while 66% have still not considered this route to earn back the lost revenue
  2. The rate of Cart Abandonment in India is 51% as reported by the India Marketers. However, our research shows that the industry ”best in class’ rate for Cart Abandonment in India is 70-75%.
  3. 56 % of the Indian consumers abandon their cart because of Unexpected Costs such as high cost of shipping, tax rate, accessory charges etc. at the Point Of Payment.
  4. Consumers View reported that Home Furnishing and Gifting have the highest rate of deployment of Cart Abandonment Program (CAP).
  5. 50% of Indian Consumers voted Shipping and handling costs listed too late in the check-out process as the No.1 reason for cart abandonment.
  6. A whopping 78% India Marketers employ Re-Marketing Campaigns to nurture leads and convert consumers interests into revenues.
  7. 69% of India retailers provide incentives such as Discounts, Offers and Coupons to draw in consumers as a part of Consumer Re-engagement activities.
  8. Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts in 2015 globally, and about 63% of that is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers.

This first of its kind research in India has been conducted and analyzed from two perspectives: Marketers View, in which viewpoints of 33 e-Commerce Marketers on Cart Abandonment have been included and Consumers View, in which the effectiveness of Cart Abandonment Programs across 115+ e-Commerce portals has been evaluated. This approach has been crucial in identifying the touch points where India Marketers current Cart Abandonment Programs fail to engage with consumers.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Commenting on the release of this Annual Industry Report, Punit Modhgil, Director & Co-founder, Octane Marketing ( said, There is a tremendous opportunity for India e-Commerce to boost the revenue impact of their marketing efforts by focussing on improving shopping cart conversion rates. We find that email based shopping cart Re-Engagement Programs are being preferred by marketers and consumers alike.

Top Reasons for shopping cart abandonment

  1. 58% – Preferred payment option were not offered
  2. 57% – Didn’t want to register / create account just to make a purchase
  3. 55% – Estimated shipping time was long
  4. 50% – Shipping and Handling costs were listed too long during the checkout process
  5. 37% – Order value was not large enough to qualify for free shipping
  6. 28% – Save the cart for later
  7. 28% – Was not ready to buy but wanted to get an idea of the total cost
  8. 25% – Shipping cost made the total purchase more than expected

The report also shows that Female consumers tend to abandon cart more than their male counterparts. Male consumers tend to compare prices more than the female consumers while female consumers save products for later, take longer time to make purchase decision and even more sensitive to shipping and handling charges.

Octane’s report suggests that following a regular remarketing campaigns can get back these consumers and convert them into revenues. Email recovery programs could be the most effective way to get back your customer.

My suggestions to reduce shopping cart abandonment:

One of the most effective way to get back your customer is through sending reminders to him oncehe abandon his cart. Online shopping is all about the overall experience that the shopping portal provides. It will be a good idea to provide some good offers to him/her during the checkout process. The shoppers can up sell some of the add-on product which might be useful to them along with the product they wish to purchase.

Lenskart reminder email

In the above reminder email sent by Lenskart there is a clear CTA along with a clear message about the product you abandoned in the cart.

Also its good to remember that too many reminders or too many remarketing campaigns can result in permanent abandonment as well.

What do you think are the reasons for online shopping cart abandonment and how can online shopping portals reduce cart abandonment. Post your comments below.