Bangalore-based on-demand laundry service platform, Flashdoor, has raised an undisclosed amount in angel funding, led by former Flipkart executive Sujeet Kumar. Flipkart’s Chief Business Officer Ankit Nagori and Tracxn Labs also participated in the round.

Kumar was head ofFlipkart’s largest seller and its captive logistics business WS Retail Pvt Ltd, before quitting in May.

Ankit Agarwal, co-founder Flashdoor Internet Services, said, “The investors joining the board would be mentors and would be instrumental in guiding the company in marketing, understanding strategy and raising money.

The funding is expected to be invested in building core team and upgrading technology. The company would go in for another round of fund-raising to support its plans to expand footprint across the country.”


Flashdoor was founded by IIT Delhi graduates, Agarwal and Himanshu Gupta July this year. Agarwal was Associate Director, Seller ecosystem at Flipkart before quitting in June while Gupta worked with companieslike Amazon and Oracle.

Flashdoor works on a closed marketplace and runs its own logistics service to pick and laundry to customers. The startup conducts 1,500 transactions a month and plans to take the count to 30,000 by March 2016, by when it also intends to enter two other metro cities. The potential cities include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. It currently employs 25 people of which 12 are delivery executives while the remaining staff handles other functions.

The company plans to be the destination store for all home services but is focusing on the laundry vertical at the moment. “Starting Flashdoor was about organizing the home services industry by bringing convenience and quality service at your doorstep. At Flashdoor our mantra is to not acquire customers if we can’t make them repeat,” Agarwal said.

Flashdoor is a one stop solution for laundry needs. The company has already launched itswebsiteandAndroid app, and plans to launch its iOS app soon. It is currently operational only in Bangalore, providing affordable laundry service with core focus on timeliness and convenience.

FlashDoor provides you the simplest way to get your laundry done in Bangalore. They pick up, wash and drop your laundry back to your doorstep at the tap of a button. An on-demand service FlashDoor enables you to book pick-ups instantly with one click. picks up your dirty laundry, wash and iron it and returns it cleanly packed back at your doorstep within 48-72 hours.Theirdelivery agent will arrive at your doorstep as per your scheduled time and pick up your dirty laundry. After wash your clothes will be delivered back to your doorstep within 48-72 hours in reusable non-plastic bags.

Flashdoor is a 3 way marketplace which connects delivery agents, service providers and customers on a common platform. Theirmission is to improve quality of life in Indian households by bringing services to their doorstep at the tap of a button. The teambegin this journey by solving the Laundry problem first.

It’s interesting to know how Ankit and Himanshu got the idea of starting up flashdoor.

Last December the duo went for a vacation to Kerala on a road trip with a few friends. Theychecked into a wonderful beach resort at Varkala a day before Christmas. The plan was to spend the entire weekend in the resort to relax and cut themselves away from the routine, while sitting in the verandah, chit-chatting with a few beers watching the sun go down into the sea every evening. The resort had extremely good room service with a smart-panel installed in the room allowing themto call for room service/ laundry by just flipping a switch. They wondered what if one can get that luxury every day.Well that’s exactly what they are building at Flashdoor. Flashdoor aims at building a services marketplace which empowers your smartphone/tablet to call for any service to your doorstep at the tap of a button on-demand.

Flashdoor Logo

According to a report by KPMG, the organized laundry market in India (2007-2012) is currently around Rs 5,000 crore while the unorganized one is estimated to be around Rs. 2,00,000 crores. There is scarcity and inaccessibility of good laundry service providers with timely delivery. Thus, a huge demand for On demand service by busy professionals. The working population in Bangalore is about 65 lakhs, and each person on an average spends about Rs.500 on laundry every month, this makes Bangalore market alone worth about half a billion dollars. [Source: Yourstory]

Flashdoor will be competing against other laundry services like, thelaundrybasket, speedclean,Laundromate,Stainwash,Fabfresh, Wassup to name a few.

With on demand services gaining hype, it will be interesting to see how the laundry services will address the problems of prices and resources. While all the new services are trying to provide value added servicesin order to step ahead, it would be worth watching this area in the coming years.

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