If youre on Facebook, then you must have recently come across the below mentioned notification on your Facebook account. If youre wondering what Free Basics is about, it’s a hindrance to the concept of Net Neutrality in India.

Free Basics by Facebook

Several Experts in Media and Tech field are already raising their voices against Free Basics and Facebook. The major discussion point is the freedom to use internet without any external hindrance.

Paytm’s stand on free basics and net neutrality comes at a time when none of the startup came forward in support of net neutrality in India.

Paytm through their blog explained the consequences of implementing Free Basics and urged the users to stay away from Free Basics. Below are the experts from Paytm blog.

To those who are not aware what is Net Neutrality all about, we have a very simple and easy to understand definition of it;

The principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.

What does that mean? How important is Net Neutrality for all of us?

Net Neutrality protects our right to an open internet which is vital for communicating freely online. Net Neutrality is crucial for small business owners, startups & entrepreneurs. If we allow any single entity to enforce their own guidelines on how we should communicate online, then it will mean an end to the budding startup ecosystem in India.

For example,currently you have a standard data package and use it to access all the content at the same speed, irrespective of whether its a video streaming website or a news portal. Open internet is just like using electricity, where you dont get charged differently similar tohowthe unit price of electricity for a kitchen appliance from two different brands will be same.

Had Net Neutrality not been there? Google and Twitter as we see them today, wouldnt have seen daylight. For internet/tech startups, preserving net neutrality is of utmost importance.

In addition to raising their concerns through the blog, paytm founder Vijay Shekhar quoted few points in micro blogging site Twitter as well.



Apart from Vijay, Nikhil Pahwa, Founder of Medianama.com who has raised his voice against Facebook’s free basics from the start has been quoted in paytm blog.


Being an emerging Indian startup, Paytm have decided to go a step further and inform theirusers about this danger staring at us. So from today, the moment you complete a transaction on Paytm, you will be automatically directed to a page asking to support Net Neutrality. #PaytmKaro & save the net!

Paytm Net Neutrality Support

A nice and bold move by Paytm in support of net neutrality and other tech startups in India should follow the same as this is a hindrance for all the tech startups.

The tech startups are dependent on the internet and free basics will be like they have to pay to be included in the package. This would be an additional overhead for all the tech startups and would add-on to the user acquisition cost.

We the bloggers of India has also shown our support to Net Neutrality and discussed the various issues that the bloggers will face if free basics is implemented. Through a weekly happening Twitter Chat @blogchatter, several eminent bloggers discussed and informed other bloggers about the consequence of implementing free basics and save the internet.


Source and Image References: Paytm blog