India’s largest tea retail chain, Chai Point, was path breaking in launching its Chai delivery service – Chai-on-Call. Chai-on-Call is arguably India’s largest hot beverage delivery service. The core innovation in this delivery service was the heat-retaining disposable flask that retained heat for more than one hour. This space is getting bigger with Caf Coffee Day recently announcing its coffee delivery service. Already food delivery aggregators like Swiggy are catering to beverage delivery service needs for Chai Point, Caf Coffee Day, Starbucks and many smaller local players.

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Chai-on-Call has now been given a massive boost through the addition of an all-electric delivery scooter fleet of more than 60 bikes. Green-T brigade is the company-owned fleet of these bikes and is now getting deployed across Bangalore, NCR and Hyderabad. The company also confirmed that additional all-electric scooters will be deployed as the operations expand to Mumbai, and then Chennai.

“We firmly believe that an electric scooter-based delivery fleet is not only great for our environment but also gels great with our operational needs. We save fuel costs, don’t have to maintain fuel usage logs and are able to acquire two-wheelers at a lower cost thanks to government subsidies on sustainable transportation,” saidAmuleek Singh Bijral, CEO,Chai Point.

“The Green T-Brigade is a pioneer in eco-friendly delivery service. It is also proving to be the most economical way to deliver small ticket orders of even Rs 100. We have partnered with Hero Electric and & Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Limited, under this initiative,” saidMs Yangchen, Head of Delivery and Channels, Chai Point.


“This is a novel, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for us to solve the last-mile delivery problem for hot beverages.It’s pioneering even when stacked up against offerings worldwide,” saidProf. Tarun Khanna, Co-founder Chaipoint, Professor Harvard Business School.

“Chai Point has set an example for others to follow by adopting electric bikes for deliveries in such a big way with a thought to contribute to the environmental contribution in every way they can. Hero Electric stands hand-in-hand in their endeavor for this cause, and is already offering after-sales and services at their locations wherever possible and plan to continue it for future,” saidSohinder Gill, CEO – GLOBAL OPERATIONS, Hero Electric.

“Electric vehicles will grow rapidly in the coming years particularly for the delivery segments. In India, Chai Point is the first customer to embrace EV for Chai deliveries, Ampere is extremely happy to support ChaiPoint in this initiative,” saidHemalatha Annamalai, CEO, Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

Ampere Vehicles is start-up which was also recently in the news when Mr. Ratan Tata also decided to back the venture as an investor.

Chai Point aims to deliver Chai to every nook and corner of our country and is committed to using electric bikes as it expands its operations.

About Chai Point

Chai Point, now at 90 fastand casual stores, 600 employees across 6 cities serving 1.5 lakh cups per day, started its first pilot store in late 2010. The founder, Amuleek Singh Bijral, a Harvard graduate saw the massive opportunity in making this ritual of Chai – Cool & Contemporary – for the white-collar working Indian.

Stemming from its philosophy of Clean Earth, Chai Point, run by Mountain Trail Foods Pvt. Ltd., sources 4.5 tonnes of ginger and lemon every month to perfect that freshly prepared cup of Chai with pure ingredients.

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Source: PTI News