True Friends, an Innovative New Mobile Application, Which Promotes Sharing of joy and Happiness Through Fulfilling of Wishes on Birthdays and Anniversaries, is Now Launched for Both Android and iOS.

True Friendsis a mobile application that promotes caring, sharing, bonding and joy amongst friends and family through fulfilment of wishes on special days like birthdays and anniversaries, and through creation of special events. True Friends has expanded its horizon and the True Friends App is now available for free downloads for theAndroidversion on the Google Play Store and theiOSversion on the Apple App Store.

True Friends App

What’s possible through the True Friends App? (A sample use case)

Karan was on call with Raghav. “Reena and I are getting married today. We really can’t live without each other. What to do Raghav? Our parents wouldn’t listen to us. But friends are friends. Do reach the Registrar’s Office in time dost. We will wait for you.”

“I will be there for sure Karan. But what will you do after that? Where will you go?” says Raghav.

“We have taken a place on rent. It’s a studio apartment. I can manage to make some of it functional. God willing, all will be well.”

Raghav can detect an undertone of worry in Karan’s voice. “Okay. Will be seeing you at the Registrar’s.” he says.

As the wedding ceremony began, Karan put his mobile phone on mute. After the wedding the friends met up for a celebratory dinner at Raghav’s place. They had a happy time together. However, Karan was worried. He did not know how he will manage to make available even the basic necessities in his rented apartment. His job was new and he had just enough savings to cover less than 50% of their immediate needs.

As the dinner progressed Karan took out his mobile. He saw a lot of messages. Maybe they were wishes for a happy married life, he thought. As he checked one message after another he saw with disbelief contributions streaming in gradually from friends across the world. His friends start cheering aloud, clapping and shouting joyfully as tears of joy and gratitude rolled down Karan’s eyes. Reena got confused. She took the phone from Karan and read the messages with amazement. The messages were from the True Friends App saying that their True Friends from near and far had pooled in Rs. 1,67,500 for them as a wedding gift so far.

Raghav had created an event for Karan & Reena on the True Friends App as he had the wish to give them a joyful start to a new life. As the money poured in, Raghav too was experiencing the inflow of tremendous love and care streaming into their lives. He thought“Everything is possible through love and True Friends.”And Karan was thinking what a difference downloading the True Friends App has made to his life. Now he can redeem the gift vouchers from his favourite vendor partner of True Friends to build their new home and their new life, and maybe fit in a small honeymoon too.

The air is joyful and solemn at the same time!

True Friends is the idea which is transforming the world of gifting.

It’s a great way of finding out what your dear ones really desire. It is also a great way for friends and family to pool in money and to truly gift the desired gift. Today, when our dear ones have moved to far away lands, and those who are around have time constraints, True Friends enables people to express love and care with great ease.

– Have you ever wondered what to gift to a loved one on her birthday?

– Have you ever wondered what to gift to your parents on their special anniversary?

– What if you could really find out what they truly wanted?

– And what if what they truly wanted was way beyond your budget?

– Have you ever considered what your parents will do with all the varieties of gifts they will receive on their anniversary? Do they really need these gifts and will they really use them?

– Do you really get to use all the sundry gifts you receive on your special days, or do they go to waste adding clutter to your life?

Most of the times the gifts people receive are not what they really desire. They are what the gifters feel they may desire and fits in their budget. And most of the time such gifts are not used by the receiver. They either lie around or get passed on. They are not what was truly desired.

How True Friends app works?

Download the True Friends App.Register with your mobile number. Add three authentic wishes that you may have taking care that your near and dear ones should really be able to fulfil them. You could wish for a new phone, or for a dream vacation. You could wish for a honeymoon package if you are getting married. You could wish for a mesmerizing piece of jewellery. The more sensible and reasonable your wish will be, the greater will be the chance of it being fulfilled. You will also have to fill in the rupee value of the wish you are stating.

Once you put in your three authentic wishes and complete the registration – Voila! You are ready to go. Add your close friends to your groups and get to know what they really want on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special days. Contribute and pool-in money along with others to fulfil your close friend’s wishes and let them fulfil yours on your birthday and anniversary. The pooled in money can be redeemed via gift vouchers from their vendor partners which include some great brands, outlets and service providers likeShoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Amazon and Make My Trip. Many more tie-ups are on the cards and you can look forward to some truly great deals.

True Friends App

True Friends also allows for creation of special events for people we love and care. We can create events for someone, invite related people and create a huge surprise gift through pooling of funds for that special person.

This unique platform is promotedby the United Group. The United Group a well-diversified conglomerate with business interests in real estate development, banking and financial services and e-commerce.

The United Group is promoted by professionals with deep expertise in the fields of Banking, finance,insurance, and reality projects. The group is committed to bringing innovative breakthrough productswhich fulfill the needs of its customers and bring everlasting value. True is one of such manyproducts.

Our Take:

According to Technopak, Indias leading Management Consultants, the total size of Indian corporate & personal gifting market put together is about 250,000 crore today. Of this, corporate gifting market in India is estimated to be 12,000 crore and is growing at over 200% per annum. Personalized gifting gains a foothold in India with companies like printvenue, solidry,Giftxoxo, delightgifts etc. The gifts can be categorized into three categories – Festival, Personal and Corporate gifting. The companies like True Friends are finding solutions for personal gifting.

Years back, the gifting was largely restricted to sweets. But with the changing times and hectic schedules along with growingdistance, the need for online gifting solutions are growing higher. The gifts types are segmented into food and non food categories. It is to be noted that apps like True Friends are providing a platform for friends and family to gift and wish their near ones even without seeing them!

A nice concept and simple way to express your love towards your near ones.I have personally faced a situation where for one of our friends marriage, we had to collect the money from all our friends, then one of us has to go through the search for gifting option and finally after long hours of discussion, we might end up gifting something to our friend. The gift might be useful for him or it could be a waste as well. True Friend is trying to solve this problem, where we can create groups, collect money and find the wishlist of your friend so that we can fulfill his wish.

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