The President of India Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday lauded Kerala’s achievements in promoting information technology and declared the state to be the first “digital state” of India. “With broadband in every Grama Panchayat, Kerala has emerged as a truly digital state, the President said ata function at the cyberpark Kozhikode.

Kerala has made tremendous progress in becoming digital, right from the start of Akshaya e-literacy project in 2002 to now where the revenue department alone is issuing about 30,000 digital certificates daily.

Kerala Digital State

The Akshaya e-literacy project was the first district wide project in India and currently there are 2500 Akshaya e-centres all over Kerala. These 2500 centres provide internet facility ande-service facilities to the citizens.

Key highlights inthe journey to become fully digital state:

  • 1GB optical connectivity in all grama panchayats and cities.
  • 99.11percentteledensity across the state
  • 35.35 million phone connections
  • 40.18 people in every 100 people has internet connectivity
  • More than 200 government services are available online and served online
  • There is an e-office functioning in the Secretariat
  • More than 67,000 e-tenders collected in the last three years
  • Highest ATM density across the country
  • 2 state of the art data centres connecting all panchayats and cities
  • All the 14 districts are covered under e-district project
  • More than 1.88 digital certificates issued till date
  • Well equipped cyber cell protecting the state from cyber criminals and cyber attacks

The state has a mobile tele-density of 95 percent and an internet access covering over 60 percent of the population.

Kerala state IT mission has implemented lot of projects as part of its digital literacy programme. The recent one being digitally empowering 10,000 citizens through a pilot project. The programme is aimed at training these citizens to send and receive mails, access online government services and do online shopping.

Kerala is the first state in the country to introduce common service centers to bridge the digital divide. Kerala is also the first state togenerate over 3.19 crore (95 per cent) Aadhaar’s with more than 99 per cent enrolment.

The State also disbursed a record 214 crore every month as social security pension to nearly 30 lakh beneficiaries through Direct Benefit Transfer, saving 91 crore as money-order commission.

One of the most prominent project by the Kerala state IT mission isdigital collaborative textbooks which will benefit around3.7 million students all over the state.

All these efforts offers a perfect blend of a society that is digitally empowered – an e-governance system on one side and a matured ecosystem that supports the digital initiatives which can be a model for the entire country.


Image Reference: Kerala State IT Mission