Campus Entrepreneurship. It is a big term that has been exploded in the recent years. We have seen many successful entrepreneurs from campuses all over the world. If you search the term ‘campus entrepreneurship’, you can get some three million results in Google. In early 2000, there were only few universities thatoffered or promoted entrepreneurship in campuses. But now we can see that most universities, colleges and schools are promoting entrepreneurship in campus in order to enable their students to become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial thinking is the keyword that even large corporates promote. Recently during the launch of Reliance Jio, Chairman Mukesh Ambani called Reliance Jio as the largest startup in the world. By the largest startup, he meant that everyone in Reliance Jio think from an entrepreneurial mindset rather than working for a large corporate!

Entrepreneurial programs are not intended to help students start their own businesses but rather to teach them how to start/run a business and to teach entrepreneurial thinking. Every corporate or a startup needs people who think innovatively. Innovators are the one who create new products or solve real life problems. Innovative thinking can be nurtured better at a younger age. Once you start working for a corporate or once you are settled in life, it’s difficult to change. But young graduates or school level teenagers are risk takers and they don’t think about the mistakes.

The campus entrepreneurship programs find talents at a very young age and nurture them to become successful entrepreneurs. It’s not that everyone who joins the campus entrepreneurship bandwagon are successful. But at least we are enabling them to thinkentrepreneurially. If a student has an idea and if you can provide him mentor, guide and teach them the basics of running a business or developing a product, he can reach heights.

Whole world is talking about the growing startup ecosystem in India. Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also launchedStartup India initiative to promote entrepreneurship amongst Indians. A lot many new companies are coming up, but still the number is not enough considering the scale of innovation needed in India. Lately we have seen many copy-paste ideas in Indian market, but India needs original ideas that are developed keeping in mind the Indian culture, the people and the market of India. We are seeing that college students have started talking about starting up, it is now the hottest canteen gossip topic. But how many students are starting-up? Very few compared to many of the western countries.

A startup and its founding team has taken the lead in promoting entrepreneurship in campuses and in motivating students to start business by overcoming the fear of failure and social norms.

A2ZEE, an online marketplace for Internet Business Services with virtual currency at its core, is a much talked about fintech startup started by a very young and dynamic team. A startup whose founding team members became entrepreneurs while still being at college.

A2ZEE is starting its much awaited ACE (A2ZEE College Entrepreneur) program which focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, and rewarding/certifying college students for their leadership, marketing, communication & entrepreneurial skills.

A2ZEE Campus Entrepreneur Program

A total of 50 students will be selected from campuses across India. These 50 prodigies will promote entrepreneurship on their campus & take lead in promoting A2ZEE at various global platforms.All Campus Entrepreneurs will get certificates, rewards and entry to A2ZEE partner events across the globe. A few who stand out from the crowd & out-perform others will get a chance to be part of Team A2ZEE, join them full-time & live their start-up dream with A2ZEE.

By being part of ACE, students will be able to overcome their fear, get answers to their questions & get guidance & support in starting their startup.

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